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read this if u have nothin to do

princess nora lennox the third wandered through the forest trees, confused of where she was. trying to recall the last
few hours, she sat on a nearby boulder to gather her thoughts.
    she remembered how that afternoon she had confessed her love to the enemy prince. they were to be wed the next day,
immediately bringing peace between there lands.while skipping throgh the royal garden she noticed a shadow ducking
behind a leafy sculpture. cautiously, she walked around it. realizing nothing was there she started back to the castle.
    after taking a few steps nora sensed someone was stalking was her. before she could turn around to look she heard
her someone calling her. its probably mother,thought the princess as she hurried across the garden bridge.
    finally arriving at the door, she stopped to catch her breath. she never noticed the looming shadow behind her.
after a sudden pain in the neck everything went black.
    when she regained conscienceness everything was still dark. she remembered how shocked she was to figure out  that
she was inside a potato bag. fighting for fresh air she freed herself. she sat on the ground as she took in her
    she was in a gigantic hollowed out oak tree with shelves filled with odd looking glass bottles. she noticed a door
form the corner of her eye in the far off part of the tree room with bizarre lights spilling out from under. she slowly
but quietly tiptoed to the side and peeked inside. 
    an explosion of colorful lights splattered the walls as a dark figure stood over a gruesome looking cauldron,
muttering something in a weird tongue and tossing in suspicious looking ingredients from the shelves in that room. from
outside tree a lone wolf howled in the rain, startling nora. quickly turning, the figure had caught sight of nora!
frightened, the princess desperately tried to escape but alas, no such luck was with her. no more than five steps out
the tree had she been struck by a purple flash. then everything had once more gone black as she  fell unconscience in
the beating rain.
    when she awoke everything was white, misty, and dreamlike. w-what am i doing here? wondered nora as she sat up
straight. am i dead? where did the tree go? where am i? how did i get here? questions and thoughts swirled her head but
came up with no logical answer. 
    "are you done?'' asked a booming but gentle voice.''i-i dont know. c-can you please h-help me?'' stuttered nora. the
rain had left her dress clinging to her skin and she shivered from the cold.
    ''well, just to be sure, ill send you back to let you check on everything then'' replied the voice,'' just be sure
to be back at the oak tree by midnight or youll be doomed to walk the earth, forever'' it said, stretching out the word
    ''wait, so where am-'' she was cut off by a swirling electrical portal opening up beneath her. before she could even
scream the hole had swallowed her already. 
  in a nanosecond the hole had opened up, spat her out, and she crash landed in the forest once more.
    ''so thats how i got here'', said the princess to herself,''i just have to go check on some things.''
  when she appeared at the castle she was overwhelmed with joy as she realized today was her wedding day. excited, nora
rushed through the main gate and into the ballroom.
    instead of seeing lacey white decorations and a wedding cake, everything was black,sad, and filled with despair.
confused, she slowly moved her way through the crowd of relatives and friends toward the center of the room. in the
middle lay a coffin, a strange  looking one for it had not been closed yet. wondering who had died, she uneasily stepped
up toward it.
    feeling choked, she sat down. tears blurring her eyes, she hurried away from her corpse.
  she glanced at the grandfather  clock on her way out. it chimed midnight. shocked, she tried to run back to the tree
but with each step she turned more pale and transparent.
    branches raked at her skin and hair but now it just went through her. tears flowing down her cheeks, she ran as fast
as she could back to the oak.
   the window of heaven was closing but nora was so close to reach it. then at the last minute she tripped over her
ghostly gown and fell, face flat on the ground.
  blind with overflowing tears, she crawled her way to what seemed to be the window.
    nora was so close she could almost touch it, but the light  had closed. not believing it, she sat where the window
once was and cried along with the rain.
  doomed to walk the earth for all of eternity as a ghost spirit, princess nora lennox stumbled back to the castle to
attend her own funeral.
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