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Mackenzie <3

Mackenzie Debra March 7, 1997 Is a sex-attic? No. Haha, She's a virgin. [I think, she may be lying] Lol. I love this girl with all my heart. I can't even describe it. I love my other friends a ton, But they always get mad because all Kenzie and I talk about, Is each other. I can talk with my other friends about most things, but nothing like what I can talk about with Kenzie. I'm not going to lie and say she is the most gorgeous person I've ever met. Why? Dude she's not. But she is definitely one of them. She has her flaws just as any other human seem to. But, you must admit: She's beautiful. Her and I have some memories that make me laugh every time they pass through my mind. ||Singing and playing drums by a gas station to random people walking by|| ||Playing monopoly 698,947,078,687 times at like 4:00 in the morning|| ||Getting sunburnt to the ground in Cancun|| ||Her teaching me to make ramen, and how to do laundry [I had some bad experiences with Claire and needed to be taught]| ||Trying to give a hobo a burrito but instead, spilling Fruitista Freeze™ all over and Kenzie throwing the burrito like 3 feet ahead of us|| ||Trying to buy a $10 dollar kitten and getting TURNED DOWNN|| ||Laughing about me thinking I'm going to new jersey|| ||Freaking out on my grandmas couch about the word "bathmat"|| ||Trying to get tan all summer and only succeeding on our thighs and elbows|| ||Getting in fights EVERY SINGLE TIME we swam in the Las Vegas pool|| ||Dancing across the streets with those orange flags next to Emi|| ||The cat we named Socks, That thought he was coming to Kenzie's house|| Guitar Hero 3:: Ok. We play this WAYYYYY to much. I think it's funny how we play and play and play it, and we're still on Medium. I mean, The orange button is just way to friggin impossible to reach We love Wonder Pets :D Walking to Arbys and walking back is like our whole lives. Right there. I love how we sneak out Red Bulls, Get caught, and realize he doesn't even care xD We are gay men from Spain. People are just jealous that we got married in Vegas. BECAUSE WE'RE ORIGINAL LIKE THAT Kayla+Zack=♥ Quotes from our songs:: "All I wanna do is Bang,Bang,Bang and cha-ching" "I like, Where we are, when we drive, In my car" "Better.Harder.Faster.STRONGER" "Do.Do.Do you gotta first 8 kid handy?" "Oh hot dayum, this is my jam" "My life be like OOH AHH" "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. Do you know what that mean?" "My myspace brings all the boys to da page" "and I don't care about my guilty pleasure fer you" "I got yo picture, I'm coming with you" "Why don't you say so?" "Love me or hate me that is the question. Love me or hate me still an Obsession" We all know that Iron man is like, the best movie ever made. Ok, Thanks, Bye I LOVE YOU MACKENZIE P.S. Now that you've realized how pimp we are, Go green with us.
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  yours_forevergabby — Page created: 2 September 2008
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