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boku no pico

(DISCLAIMER: written by Whiteberryy from MAL; no copyright infringement intended)

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened" -Dr Seuss

Boku no Pico is a thrilling story about the adventure of a weak boy, Pico, and how he
struggles to become stronger. In this sense, it is very much like Naruto because it
is about how our main character overcomes the challenges presented to him. Naruto
overcomes his curse and accepts his fate as a human and likewise Pico overcomes the
bonds of sexual taboo and dives into the deep depths of homosexuality. 

At times, it will have you laughing.

At times, it will have you crying.

At times, it will have you shuddering.

At times, it will have you enveloped into the sharp folds of the powerful, compelling
storyline of this masterpiece - Boku no Pico

Story - 10

This is one of the most extravagant and well-written stories I have ever seen. You
really need to pay attention to experience it all, small details may have you puzzled
over the overall plot.

Well, what is it about? 

This story is about Pico, our main character, and his travels. He meets many people
on his journey to overcome the overshadowing darkness of heterosexuality. 

The story is incredibly well-scripted and paced. Each individual scene is crafted
with such elegance that it's hard to believe that this was originally a low-budget
anime. However, I shall warn you - it is written by none other than the butcher
himself, Gen Urobuchi.

Art - 10

The artwork in Boku no Pico is simply eye-dazzling.

Such detailed and bright, colorful artwork contrasts with the deep storyline of Boku
no Pico to create a brilliant blend of excellency, as opposed to Starbucks, which is

I fail to see how anyone couldn't like this art style.

One of the outstanding points is that there is no QUALITY. Faces are all drawn
extremely accurately and with care and effort. Laziness is not a factor which you
will find in the artwork of Boku no Pico. I would even say it rivals the results you
get from typing 'futa bara rainbow dash' on DeviantArt.

Sound - 10

There's not much about Boku no Pico's soundtrack that I can say that hasn't already
been said.

The voice actors are extremely talented and the emotions they portray are so
realistic that you would almost think that the VAs were living the story of Boku no
Pico in real life.

Boku no Pico's voice actors are nothing you would find in an amateur animation like
any Ghibli movie. From teary solemn to absolute bliss, each voice actor displays a
wide array of voice dynamics, and they're a pleasure to listen to.

The OST is astounding. The background music is crafted with various instruments to
create the stinkiest beats you will ever hear. A lot of piano and violin is used to
play perfected melodies which will have you downloading the whole OST just to listen
to it over and over again. It also features various audio samples from artists such
as Death Grips, namely songs such as 'Sandstorm'.

Character - 10

Each individual character is unique and cliche characters are completely absent. The
character development is paced so well that the viewer actually grows up with the
characters, and learns to understand their motives and emotions in the form of
empathy. In this way, by the time the viewer has finished watching Boku no Pico, he
will have developed as a person himself. 

The emotions felt by the characters - ranging from happy, to medium, to sad, are all
very lifelike. You will never have thought they were fabricated with video and audio.
Such genuine emotion rivals the deep emotions of Sasuke from Naruto. I also think
Pico is a lot like Ulquiorra from Bleach, my favourite anime character.

Enjoyment - 10

A fucking blast. Sheer brilliance.

Overall - 10

I said it once and I'll say it again. Boku no Pico is a masterpiece among
masterpieces. It is just simply outstanding.
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  yaoidesu — Page created: 2 June 2015
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