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99 questions on me

1. What is your full name?
kady lisandra pereira 

2. What is your birth date?
August 15

3. What colour is your hair? Short medium or long?
black, a little longer than shoulder lenght

4. What colour are your eyes?

5. How tall are you?
about 5ft 9in

6. Single or taken?

7. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
yes. I have one tuxedo cat.

8. Who do you live with?
my mum, dad and cat. naro comes over so often it's like he lives here.

9. What do you do you do for school and for work?
umm . . . i go to school for school?

10. Any kids? If not do you want any?
i don't have any, no idea

11. What music do you listen to the most?
I listen to lots of kinds.

12. Do you like to read? If so whets your favourite book
sometimes i like to read, but it depends on the book. lord of the rings.

13. Virgin or not?

14. Name your 2 closes friends:
storm and naro

15. Wich one is your very best friend?
i don't know!!!!! i have known naro for longer, but storm is SO funny!

16. Your it fair, medium or dark?
it's quite fair

17. How often do you really "go out?"
it depends what mood i'm in. if me and my friends decide to do something, it's usually at my house.

18. Have you lost anyone you ever loved?

19. Ever been in love?
hush . . . keep this one under your hat . . . yes. 

20. on a scale 1-5, how organized are you?
about a 3

21. Do you exercise regularly? If so, how often?
yes, and uh, i dunno

22. Zodiac sign?

23. Have any nicknames? If so, what?
umm . . . non that i want to put on here . . .

24. Name couple of T.V. shows you watch a lot.
uh, i don't really watch tv that often . . .

25. Movies you can watch over and over
i don't usually watch tv, i just said that!

26.Do you have any tatoos?if so,how many and were are they?
 . . . . .

26.Any peircings?if so,how many and were are they?
yeah, my ears. 

27.wear glasses?

28.Have braces?

29.Do you have any siblings?if so,how many?
no,i'm an only child

30.Are your parents still together?

31.What is/was your worst subject in school?
probably PE and maths.

32.Your best subject?
art and english

33.Do you currently do any sports?if so,what?
 . . . .

34.Do you like to dance?
only if it' in my room, and i'm the only one there . . .

same answer as 34

36.Favorite colors?
black and blue

37.Favorite holiday?

38.Where out of the U.S.A. would you like to visit?
japan . . . lol, nah, france or spain . . . maybe africa

39.Do people tell you that you sound older,younger,or your age?
older, younger and my age. 

40.Ever have an imaginary friend as a child?
yes ^^

41.Ever been skinny dipping?

42.Did you enjoy highschool for the most part?
yeah, i guess so

43.Do any drugs?if so,what?

44.Drink?If yes,how often?


46.Ever been in a physical fight?if so, how many
yes. one.

47.Have you ever cheated in a realation ship?

48.Whats your definition of cheating?
locking lips with someone else, or going out on "dates"

49.Do you wear p.j's anywear else besides your house?
not really, no

50.Have you ever stolen anything from a store or someone?
there was a lonely earring on a shop floor. apart from that, no

51.Ever cheated on a test?

52.Ever been in any leagal trouble?

53.Do you ever regret anything?

54.Name 5 of the most important things in your life:
storm, my music, my family, my cat and naro 

55.How many languages can u speak?
well, i can speak english, and a bit of 5 other languages.

56.Are you a touchy fealing person?

57.Do you take showers in the morning or at night more?
a bit of both.

58.Do you trust easily?

59.Any phobias?

60.Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

61.When did you make your myspace profile?
a while ago . . .

62. Any disorders you have been actually diagnosed with?

63. Are you a morning person?

64. Sunrise or Sunset?

65. Ever had surgery?
Yes, broken bones . . . (ugh)

66. Ever come close to death?

67. Ever broken any bones?

68. When you die, do you want to be buried or cremated?

69. Play an instrument? If so, what?
i play a few. guitar, piano, drums, oboe, saxophone, plus my voice (lol)

70. Have you ever been complimented on Singing by more than 1 person?
umm . . . yes

71.3 physical features you get complimented on a lot:
eyes, figure, feet (weird i know)

72. Your least weakness
 . . . . .

73. Clothing place you shop at the most
i dunno

74. What is/are your heritage?
Scottish, english, welsh, sweedish, medditeranean

75. What is your religion?
i don't have one. i like a bit of everything.

76. Ever been cheated on?

77. Ever had one night stand? If so, how many and do you regret any of them?

78. Current friend you have known the longest:

79. Someone you can tell anything to:
naro + storm

80. Sweet or sour?

81. Where were you born?
 . . . . stirling

82. Do any of your close friends have children?
not that i know of . . . .

83. Have you ever token any antidepressants or anxiety medication?

84. Have you seen a therapist?

85. Did/do you transfer schools a lot?

86. Favorite animal to have as a pet?
my tuxedo cat . . . she's so cute!

87. How many levels does your house have, how many rooms and bathrooms? 
about 3, about 12, and 2 bathrooms.

89. Do you live in a neighbourhood or the middle of nowhere?

90. Favorite food:

91. Do you like to shop?

92. How often do you go online?
about a few hours every day

93. How sexual are you on a scale from 1-10?
 . . . . . .

94. Someone or something you miss from your childhood
teletubbies . . . weird i know

95. Have you ever slept with someone 10 years or older than you?

96. Over 10 years younger?

97. Are you usually late, early, or on time?

98. Are you happy with your life for the most part right now?
well . . . . i guess so

99. Is there a boy in your life right now?
well . . . . if you could count naro, but he's just a friend . . . . .
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