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Golden Heart: Her body aches as she runs fast and far away. She’s finally broken from the pressure and the pain of every day. She’s cursed herself with all the words that she’s ever heard. Each syllable burns like fire, and it’s worse with every word. She cries herself to sleep at night, Just begging to be found. She knows that she’s in so much pain, But she still won’t make a sound. There’s something that you need to see, And it truly hurts to show. The girl I speak of is actually me, And I can’t handle who might know. My words are tangled. My mind might burst. I’m trying hard to not be seen. I am truly scared from all I’ve heard, My death is all they’ve dreamed. I’m misunderstood. I’m branded with lies. Will I ever be cared for at all? It doesn’t matter what words I say, They’d much rather see me fall. In my chest, I hold a golden heart, And it hurts that they cannot see. I do not understand why I’m so punished just for being me. I’ve struggled so long, I’m growing weak, All the weight has bent my spine. I’m coming to an end, My only friend, It looks like I’ve reached my time. I apologize for everything. From this world, I drift apart. Brand me black with all your names, But you’ll never touch my golden heart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- Him: She’s caught in a trap by a man called Him. Used and tormented, there’s no way to win. Her voice goes weak as she begs to go home. He laughs at her struggle as he sits on his throne. Her mind is going insane, and she loses all track of time. She loses touch with reality, sitting there covered in grime. She’s losing touch with her sanity, There’s no direction of what is real. He’s ripped away and kept away anything bearable she could feel. He’s standing there with his vile stare, Stalking her with his eyes. The stench of fear is in the air as she meets her end tonight He’s now stolen her innocence and stolen all her hope. He’s now finished tying, making, twisting her necklace of rope. The noose around her neck seems to be the only way to escape. It hurts to know that this is the only way she can be saved. Her body is frail and she’s now almost completely gone. She shouldn’t have been so naive, She could have avoided this all along. She’s reached her final stage of life, Though she’s never wanted more.. The original wish she wanted was to simply be cared for. He saw her weakness and played a song on every string She’s coming to a peaceful rest, and the angels begin to sing. It’s all because of Him that this girl has passed forever. The only wish she passed on with, Is that she hopes you will remember. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- Alice: Dangling off the edge, grasping to your last bit of hope. Their words scar your flesh, and you find it difficult to cope. You can’t explain your actions as they continue to get worse. Speaking’s become so difficult, each word is like a verse. Memories begin to crash on your mind like rain in a storm. The strongest of wind bring whispers, and it is you that they warned. Your brilliance is your darkness, eventually causing you to break. You break through the surface, the weight is too much to take. For once you see, and for once you feel; The doubts you’ve believed have finally became real. “Insanity isn’t so bad. It’s true, I swear.” “It’s perfectly okay,” he whispers, “we’re all mad here.”
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King69 says:   5 January 2015   236723  
It's so touching. You're good.
‹The_G_Man› says:   4 October 2017   800002  
Holy shit 👏👏👏your amazing
‹Micaela666› says :   9 November 2017   763818  

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