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Run Away: She runs and runs before she breaks, before she prays for her soul to hate… those cursed, cursed words she says. No wonder she thinks she’s better off dead. She cries, and cries every night. Sobbing and gasping, to the cuts on her thighs. But this is a puzzle, can’t you see? See that this girl is truly me? My words are hidden, my mind is full. Why must we live in a world so cruel? I’m misunderstood, and branded with lies. Hated for what I feel inside. Down, and down, and down I go, killing these voices I’ve grown to know. I take my passion, I take my words, create a talent so absurd. Medicated, and reconstruct. Though I refuse to just give up. Breaking, and breaking, and breaking away. But I still just deal with all this pain. I can’t be loved, I can’t be saved. Just run. Run away. Go before they catch you, Go before they lie. Go before they change you…change you inside. Him: She’s just a young girl, confused and lost. She’s trying to find love, but confusing it with lust. Caught in a trap by a man called Him, used and tormented, forced into sin. Her mind is going insane, and her words seem to be getting twisted. She can’t escape her own reality, but this is only because He wished it. She’s losing relations, falling into temptation. Only because Him is speaking of certain allegation. He’s only standing there, laughing as she’s ripped bare. Bare of her sanity, bare of her hope. Tying, twisting, making that rope. The noose around her neck seems to be the only escape. The only way out of this horrible place. She feels as if she’s losing it. She feels as if she’s gone. She feels as if she’s been being lied to all along. All because of him, she cannot trust anymore. Her heart is now broken, her heart is now torn. He’s the reason she’s leaving, he’s the reason she’s hurting. All while he’s watching, laughing and lurking. She’s forced into this, all because of a man named Him Into this state of mind, Into this whim. Beauty: Your beauty reminds me of a delicate flower, Your voice takes me away. Your looks make me breathless, as I’m begging you to stay. Your smile makes me fly, Your caress makes me smile, you give me a reason to try, and feel loved for a while. I could never give up on you, And I hope you are fine, But my love for you is very true, And I’m so glad that you’re mine. Sea: Gorgeous creature, no matter how created. My love for you is never ending, never outdated. The compactness of our hearts was only at its start, tragedy at its best when we were torn apart. I never held you in my arms, and I never saw your face, but what I felt for you was a love that I can’t replace. You’re always in my dreams, and I still feel the beat. The beat of your heart, the silent kick of your feet. You are my angel, you are my creation. You are my pride, you are my elation. You’ll always be in my heart, and I hope you agree, I can’t wait to hold you, my beautiful Sea. Sleep: My heart beats in my chest violently, It’s how I know I’m alive. My soul screams silently, And I see the end tonight. My skin, it yells to be cut. My eyes, filled with tears, they shut. Thoughts stream by like the power of light, As it runs in my system, I lose this fight. Broken promises, I knew I couldn’t keep. I now beg for your forgiveness, As I forever sleep. Clarity: Clarity is a fright as realization sets in. Self-Destruction erupts with the scars to your skin. Your poison brings you weakness and also you bright, killing every true feeling you have in sight. Your memories begin to show, and all you have grown to know is a lie. Your heart grows cold, and you begin to feel everything inside. You feel all of your hope, and all of your pain. You feel all of your happiness, and all of your shame. You feel so hurt, you feel so insane. You feel so amazing, you feel okay. Life seems split from the past and today. My rope begins to move side to side as it starts to fray. Eventually I’ll fall, and the rope will break. Eventually I’ll become too difficult to take. Eventually.. Destiny: Dangling off the edge with your last bit of hope, your words scar your flesh. Trying to find ways to cope, for a small break is what you wish. You can’t be bothered to explain your actions, for better or even worse. Speaking has become such a difficult task, you’ve spoke not even a simple verse. Memories crash down on your fragile mind like rain in a storm. Wind brings whispers, from which you can’t be warned. Your brilliance becomes your darkness which causes you to break, Break through the surface, the weight it could no longer take. For once you see, For once you feel, The doubts you’ve believed, Are finally real. You’re Toxic To Me: Crimson rivers flow down fast Beautiful cloth stained by All the feelings pour from my chest And straight from my mind Twisted words and voices Thoughts so untrue My mind is being destroyed And it’s all because of you Gorgeous smiles turn to grey As my soul screams out “Why?” "Why must all this pain exist?" "Why do I even try?" The Life Inside: It’s so strange how life can be created From tiny cells to a gorgeous soul For your creation, I would have waited Years and probably more. I never expected a fate like this As my heart grew so bitter I hope for just one wish Cause I don’t think I can take another winter With all the kicks of your tiny feet I love you, oh so much In heaven one day, we shall meet A gift I cannot rush Roses: Our minds can be compared to a delicate rose, they seem to bloom as we grow, Stems forming like knowledge, the more and more you know, Such beauty, with blood red wisdom, our petals began to flow. But such beauty seems to fade when our world seems so grey, Taking toll on us every single passing day, Our doubts, so heavy they weigh, and the only excuse we have is “it’s okay.” Pedals falling and shriveling to dead, Each drop of color lost with every word said, Another tear in our stems with every tear shed, Another rose lost with a voice in our head.
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King69 says :   6 January 2015   236723  
It's so touching. You're good.

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