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My name is stacie I am tragic with a capital T. I love my friends to death♥ I live and breath MCR && i like to read and write I couldn't live without my music. & You can label me whatever you like I don't care, i'm ME and thats all i will ever be andiheartmyboyfriend<3 ♪♫♥If the radio died, would you sing to me?♥♫♪" you can make me crysmilelaugh&hate probably in less then a h e a r t b e a t. ZOMG FRANKIE*minispaz* Iero; one letter away from Hero <3
The Ten commandments of Frank Iero 1. Thou shall run around until thou can no longer breathe 2. Thou shall eat skittles 3. Thou shall let the singer feel thou up 4. Thou shall wear a badge on thy shirt collar or hood 5. Thou shall get tattoos 6. Thou shall kick random objects if they are in thy way (yes that means if they are in Gerard/Mikey too) 7. Thou shall grin with all thy teeth 8. Thou shall change thy hair style every year 9. Thou shall wear sunglasses in situations of conflict 10. Thou shall burn everything and call it Cajun frank
"I will always stand by them no matter what they do or decisions they make... as a die-hard soldier of the MCRmy..I solemnly swear to give my blood,sweat and tears for the sake and well being of Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Bob Bryar... " This is for all the kids who doodle MCR lyrics instead of paying attention in class. This is for all the kids who listened to 'I'm Not Okay' on repeat because it made them feel like they weren't alone. This is for all the kids who have seen 'Life On The Murder Scene' twenty bajillion times. This is for all the kids who bought 'The Black Parade' the second it came out and clung to it like a security blanket for a month. This is for all the kids who love Gerard, no matter what color his hair is. This is for all the kids think Mikey is awesome, with or without glasses. This is for all the kids who wish they could play guitar like Frank. This is for all the kids were worried about Bob when he burnt his leg. This is for all the kids who secretly fantasize about playing with Ray's hair. This is for all the kids who know that as long as there is a My Chemical Romance, they will never be alone. This is for all the kids who love My Chemical Romance with all their hearts. This is for all the kids who wear their t-shirts not just to look cool, but to promote them too. This is for all the kids who saved up their allowance for months, babysat, and mowed lawns to go to their concert and sing every word. This is for all the kids who were never okay. This is for the MCRmy. Will create Pages for the other ♥MCR♥ members Asap =)
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  xxCupcake_Capturerxx — Page created: 17 September 2008  |  Last modified: 23 September 2008
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headfirst_for_halos says:   22 September 2008   891343  
This is the best thing ever. Support MCR to the fullest.
xxCupcake_Capturerxx says:   23 September 2008   647684  
sweet... i had a feeling i would get alot of hate comments..
Thanx for the support =)
‹Sophie<3› says:   23 September 2008   223133  
XD awsome 
MCR rock!
best band ever
‹lynniesunshine› says :   8 April 2011   633523  
I love this.

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