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Kupi-weekly (Cute Edition) 3

Top Story: New way to spread by: xsilent_dreamerx There have been epidemics of diseases. But the strange thing is the way that this disease is spreaded. First off, this disease is bubblegumosis, transmitted by sharing chewing gum. You may think that no one would be stupid enough to do this, but people are become stupid. They even share underwear, water, and other disgusting stuff. Some symptoms of this disease is: -Someone else's DNA in your mouth -Chewy stuff in your mouth...that has already been chewed -Being Sticky at the end of the day... Scientists and docters are still studying the effects of this disease, wondering if it is deathly...or sanitary. Kupikan of the Week: xsilent_dreamer Q: So,xsilent_dreamer, Why have you decided to feature yourself as kupikan of the week? A: Well, i was going to feature RedFlash, but he didn't reply too my mail, and my deadline was coming up and i didn't have enough time to ask someone else. Hopefully, i'll feature redflash on next week's issue. Q: Okay, that makes sense. So why did you create this newspaper/magazine thingy? A: I made it mainly cause i was bored, and i thought this would be fun. Also, i like making this Q: Awesome. What are some things that people find obnoxious about you? A:Ummm, well, there's a whole list, but the main things are i talk to much, and since i am random, they never think i can be serious. But i can! sometimes.... Q: Now, why do you want people to read your newspaper thing? A: Well, i work really hard on it every week, and if noone reads it, i'm just wasting my time, and that would be sad. Q: Llama A:Fruitcake! Q: Do you read the Kupi-weekly every week? A: No duh! I make it every week! Q: Ok, since your not that interesting, we're done with this interview A: ...ouch Q: Hey! your the one who insulted yourself back there.! Oekaki of the Week by: NoodleSama Random of the Week Song of the Week Title: Apologize Artist: Timbaland Ft. One Republic Quote of the Week The PRETTIEST people do the UGLIEST things. Dear Dreamer, Hi, it's me again. I took your advice by giving my newspaper time, but no one seems to read it. Only a few people. Also, this is the third week, and i haven't recieved any letters to my dear dreamer section. WHAT DO I DOOOO! xsilent_dreamerx Dear xsilent_dreamerx, Sorry my advice hasn't helped you out a lot. But think about it, only 3 weeks. You still haven't given people a chance to read it. So maybe a few more weeks then you can start throwing fits. I would throw fits to. ♥dreamer♥
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  xsilent_dreamerx — Page created: 1 February 2008  |  Last modified: 2 February 2008
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‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   2 February 2008   317481  
wif would someone scare gum? -shudders- eww
xsilent_dreamerx says:   2 February 2008   978935  
you mean share?
yeah, they don't really. i just picked a picture and made up some random story. but i
do know people who share underwear and water...
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   2 February 2008   773572  
i love the random dancing duck
soooo cute 
and the little animals that divide the page
soooo cute
and love the oekaki
xsilent_dreamerx says :   2 February 2008   377531  
thanks soo much! the oekaki was drawn by noodlesama. If you have any things you want
to be seen in next week's issue, please send me a letter!

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