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Kupi-Weekly (Rainbow Edition) 2

Top Story: Instruments by: xsilent_dreamerx Our top story of the week is instruments. There has been a sweep of the nation on playing guitar. Many new artists play guitar, and the young people of America are wanting to learn this string instrument. I personally love it. There is some negativity on this instrument. I have gone out onto the streets asking random people how they feel about guitars(not really): person 1: "It hurts my fingers" person 2: "Its too hard!" person 3: "I'd rather play the piano" person 4: "sdnaoiemlsdf" (note: they were deaf and couldn't understand a word i said, so i have translated it as "sdnaoiemlsdf" i hope this note helps you understand what he said) But for those who learn to suck it up and get over the pain, here is their feedback: person 1(me): "Guitars are awesome! I love the sound and the way it makes me feel. It's easier to express myself through music, and i am even writing some songs!" That was this weeks Top story Kupikan of the Week: Famachan Q: So, famachan. You have been chosen to be the Kupikan of the week! Lucky you! Hope you think so. Anyways, here is the first question, What are some of your hobbies? A:Reading Anime and watching anime, and drawing...anime? And drinking anime, breathing anime, and eating anime. Q:Cool. So, what is your favorite song right now? A:Blue October Calling you Q: I like that song too! So, since this is the rainbow edition, what is your favorite color of the rainbow? A: (You like the song too? Really? I:P ) Ooh, purple! Q: Awesome! Now, Here is your random question. If you could change ONE thing about you, what would it be? A:Nothing, im perfect XD Q: Now, i don't have many questions this week, hopefully i can get more ideas. So here you can just put whatever you want about yourself or someone else or about something A:umm.. ok. Yay! Im the kupikan of the week! I'm the rainbow edition! :D Q: Do you read the Kupi-weekly every week? A: Um... there was only 2 papers so...yeah kinda xD Q: Now here is the last question, do you have any friends to recommend to be the kupikan of the week next week? A: Oh yea! Redflash2! He rawks~ Q: Well, thanx for answering the questions, I had fun learning more about you, and it was a great honor to have you on the Paper. Oekaki of the Week by: leahkairi Random of the Week As you know, this section is for any random stuff...yep i dunno wat to put hererereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Song of the Week Title: Our song Artist: Taylor Swift Quote of the Week Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and rain to make it's colors appear. Dear Dreamer, Hey, i made this newspaper, but noone needs advice or sent me letters for my advice column. Help me please! I mean, the letters don't even have to be long! They could be four sentences! xsilent_dreamerx Dear xsilent_dreamerx, I feel your pain. I mean, i have this great talent of helping people out, but no one needs me. But, i know your newspapers going well, so just give it some more time, and you'll be fine! ♥dreamer♥
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  xsilent_dreamerx — Page created: 25 January 2008  |  Last modified: 1 February 2008
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‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   26 January 2008   977329  
omg omg i love Our Song by Taylor Swift
Great pick for the song of the week!
I_wonder_Y writes:   26 January 2008   761337  
love this page!
and the oekaki of the week too!
I_wonder_Y shouts:   26 January 2008   518948  
awesome background.
xsilent_dreamerx says:   26 January 2008   842872  
Thanx you guyz soo much for the comments! hope you'll read next week's issue too!
adoridables says:   28 January 2008   773533  
Cool page.
I love the Dear Dreamer section!
‹ruthie .› says:   28 January 2008   294111  
xsilent_dreamerx says :   1 February 2008   225231  
oopsie, i put it up again, and i didn't mean too!
this week is supposed to be week three, but i accidenaly put up the second edition
again. tomorrow i will put the 3rd one up!
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