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Kupi-Weekly (Love Edition) 1

Hello! This is the first edition of Kupi-Weekly(a newspaper i created). I hope you'll read weekly. Hopefully, i can
post a paper every week on saturdays. Oh, and please don't copy my ideas! I worked hard coming up with this.Thankyou,
and enjoy:

Top Story: Kupi-Weekly by: xsilent_dreamerx Hello. Our top story is on this newspaper. It is new, and it doesn't seem to have many readers. The author of the entire newspaper is xsilent_dreamerx. Here's a message from the author, "Hello! Thankyou for reading the first edition of Kupi-weekly. I have a lot of spare time, and feel like it would be fun to create a weekly newspaper. If you have any ideas, please send me a letter!" The author also notified us of all the sections in the newspaper. You will be able to find them in this order: Top Story Kupikan of the Week Oekaki of the week Random of the week Song of the week Quote of the week Dear Dreamer And hopefully, she will add more sections. So please continue to read Kupi-Weekly every week. You can find the editions on her profile. Kupikan of the Week: No one This is the section for the kupikan of the week, where i interview a kupika user and give them the spotlight. Since the newspaper is so new, i haven't asked anyone to be the kupikan of the week. But if you want to be the kupikan, or have a friend you want to reccomend, please send me a letter! Oekaki of the Week You can letter me a picture for oekaki of the week if you like. if no one sends me one, then i will just pick one myself. Random of the Week This section can be about anything. it can have an animation, picture, video, or whatever. if you have any ideas, again, please letter me. Song of the Week Title: Truly Madly Deeply Artist: Cascada Quote of the Week Dear Dreamer, I made this newspaper, but i'm afraid that noone will read it. I'm also afraid that if my newspaper doesn't become popular, I would just be wasting my time. Should i go on with this? xsilent_dreamerx Dear xsilent_dreamerx, First off, thanks for the letter. Here's some advice, Don't worry, you don't have much too lose. You should have more confidence in yourself! If you still need some reassurance, here's what you should do: Wait a few weeks, and see how it goes. If noone is reading your paper, or sending you letters for your paper, than you can quit if you want to. Hope the advice helps! ~dreamer~
Thanks for reading the first ever paper of Kupi-weekly!!! If you have any questions, comments, reccomendations, please send me a letter!
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  xsilent_dreamerx — Page created: 18 January 2008
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namaone says:   18 January 2008   224519  
this is wierd
famachan says:   18 January 2008   641266  
A news paper! :D
famachan says:   18 January 2008   291751  
It needs newsspaper comicz :O
famachan says:   18 January 2008   891526  
Funny, it's made by silent dreamer, and she asked a question to herself about
advice. xDDDDD
sweet_misty says:   18 January 2008   537616  
cool newspaper, thnx 4 featuring my oekaki, hehe
happybunnyroxmysox says:   19 January 2008   775243  
this is so cool i will try to tell my pals. i want to help with random. you can put
random things like giraffe butts or something like that! how cool would that be?
‹krisnah ♥› says:   19 January 2008   888663  
‹krisnah ♥› says:   19 January 2008   616643  
i want that my oekaki will be here....
maybe for the next issue i guess...

Thanks! and i love ur magazine!
keep up the good work...
I would like to help...!
xsilent_dreamerx says :   19 January 2008   333594  
to happybunnyroxmysox: thanx! i really enjoy random things!! 
to leah_kairi: thanks for your support! sure i'll make your oekaki the oekaki of the
week, next week!
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