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Want an Oekaki from Hana?

So you want an Oekaki drawn by Hana?
Not a problem! <3 Hana gets bored easily and she'll draw you an oekaki. You request the style and things like that, and Hana will draw it for you. By the way, Hana has guidelines, and there are things she will not draw. These will be listed later in this page. For now let's see what Hana has to offer.
Menu? Sure! Here it is!
What would you like?
Hana will draw in the following style for you: -Chibi -Headshots -Waist up Hana will draw in the following medium: -Sketchy -Coloured
Would you like fries with that?
Hana's also willing to draw a little extra something, you can request that. Otherwise, I'll draw what ever extra I like.
That would be...
Prices are something Hana really cannot do. Just pay whatever you like.
Sure! We accept cash, credit and other various forms of payment
Hana will draw: -Girls -Pretty boys -
Sorry! We don't accept foreign currency! [XD]
Hana will not draw the following: -Nakie people -Mecha -Macho men -Animals [I swear, I can just draw little animals, but if you ask for like a dragon or a pheonix, expect me to ignore you. You have been forewarned!] -etc... [Just ask if your not quiet sure]
Anything else?
Please post your request in this page, otherwise Hana will not be able to keep track of it. Also, if you have any other questions please don't hestitate to ask. I don't bite [...much]
Thank you have a nice day! See you again!
Crap, doing the whole salestore thing again... XD
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  xsakurahanax — Page created: 5 December 2008  |  Last modified: 10 December 2008
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StrawberrySHOCK says:   6 December 2008   264845  
Awa! <3 Your art is AMAZING.
Mind if I request? :3

I'd like a chibi-form of my avatar :] How does 10KP sound to you? No extras, just the
chibi :33
MassDestruction says:   7 December 2008   587145  
May I have a request also?

A headshot like Satusjin's, but of course it doesn't have to be exactly like that,
Feel free to improvise.
Coloured please. (:

If you need more information, please message me.
And how does 20kp sound?
Conspiring says:   7 December 2008   752399  
I wanna request, too.

I would like a waist-up oekaki of my avatar. :3 Sketchy or colored, I don't mind. xD
Is 18kp alright?
callie11 says :   12 December 2008   753334  
I'd love a chibi of my avatar. I'd rather it be colored. Um, I know it's a lot less
than the others have offered, but is 7kp okay?

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