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How to do scene makeup!

As you know i dont lable myself because im not a soup tin .
But .
If people wer to lable me they wud prob say im a scene kid .

So . . . 

Heres how to do scene makeup!

1. for start, before yu apply your foundation,
if i wer yu i wud use a primer,
i use AVON barely there makeup,
primer will help your foundation stay on for longer.

2. afta you've applyed yur primer,
yu can put on yur foundation.
i use Maybeline dream matte mousse foundation.

3. if yu have red patches, dark circles under yur eyes or 
its best if yu use concealer if yu want to cover up.
i use tesco own concealer (cuz i get thru alot).

4. than afta that, if you get shiny skin easily.
i advise you get a quality powder.
i use collection 2000 pressed powder.

5. a good tip for powder, if yur powder feels to heavy.
get a powder puff like tesco own powder puff.
a wipe over yur face till it feels natural on your face.

6. now scene kids uselly put eyeshaddow on in ther favorite colour
or 1s that suit them.
i dont usully wear eyeshaddow (cuz i 4get and smudge it l8r).
but if i do i uselly put on black.
so with yur eyeshaddow put on a thin amount on (like a base) 
and we'll come bak 2 that l8r.

7. next is eyeliner. most people wud use kohl liner in ther inner lids.
but i tend 2 use liquid liner in my inners because it dosent smudge at all.
but be warned!
liquid liner takes practise to do.
we dont want eny in the eye thanx!!

8. now like in the inner lids.
liquid liner needs practise to do on the upper lash line aswell.
so for beginners just dot little dots along yur lash line than follow along.
i usully do a flick in the inner and outter corners but everyones different you dont have 2!
do ther same on yur lower lash line if u wish.

9. were bak 2 eyeshaddow now.
get a medium sized eyshaddow brush like tesco own eyeshadow brush.
wet the brush a tiny bit and swirl around the eyeshaddow of our choise.
layer on till yur happy wiv the result.

10. next mascarra.
wiv the scene look being dramatic and all.
lots of mazzy is required.
i use 5 different mascarras for this look.
i use AVON uplifting mascara in black,
AVON daring curves mascara in black,
AVON 3-in-1 mascara in black,
tesco own waterproof mascara in black
and maybeline volum' boost mascara in black.

11. next is lips.
most scene girls wiv ther makeup want ther eyes
2 b centre of attention so they usully just put foundation on there lips.
well you can do that but it drys my lips up so i just use
barry m lip paint in 100 instead and smudge it in till i like it.

well thats it.
hoped it helped.
and show me yur results if yuv followed
my tips, il put it on my page.
that wud b amazing thanx(:

lots of love

Xx - Emi - xX

(Emma Brooks-Usher)
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‹☆ρïṉαÿ~ƒø~lïƒε☆› says:   17 August 2009   872683  
tanx dat helped alot
‹L1ON.› says:   17 August 2009   591666  
the only problem I have is your spelling, otherwise I'm sure its very helpful.
‹RushingStars★› says:   17 August 2009   671891  
scene makeup is just like makeup you would put on if your in like a play, right?
if so i already know how to do that. i've been in the Nutchracker ballet since i was
10 or 11.

just saying...
‹RushingStars★› says:   17 August 2009   745712  
srry i meant Nutcracker
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   17 August 2009   643369  
yea soz bout the spelling
im shit at it!!
no scene is a sorta hello kitty/barbie/emo style!
look it up on google or ask or sumin!!

‹RushingStars★› says:   17 August 2009   593633  
why would i ask someone or look it up when I already know what it is? :P
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says :   18 August 2009   271977  
because you sed that u thought it was play makeup.
its relli not mate.
its a style and im just sayin that cuz u gave me the impresion you ddnt kno ryt.
ged wad im sayin hun ??

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