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My favorite scene queens!!

The scene queens (in no particular order) gg Charlotte Destiny dg Dani Gore (duno if Georgia & Dani r related??) ak Audrey Kitching hd Hannie Dropkick ih Izzy Hilton jv Jac Vanek kb Katie Babyface (or babyfayce duno the propa 1) kk Kiki Kannibal ll Lexi Lush pe Plastic Emmi bb Brookelle Bones b Bryklin ev Emily Valanyeva im Isadora Macabre jc Jesse Cupcake mv Megan Vanmale td Toxic Doll gg2 Georgia Gore dr Dakota Rose Vote who your favorite is or if u have anyother worthy queens 2 hav put up her or even urself? post me the code and il put u up. xxx
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  ‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› — Page created: 4 August 2009  |  Last modified: 24 August 2009
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‹Chaotic Chelsie™ [Kawaii Fun]› says:   4 August 2009   279599  

I bet I have more favorite scene queens than you.. xD
Idkk really. Haha.
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   4 August 2009   984343  
lol .
my fave is Hannie Dropkick she is absolutly stunning !!


‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says:   5 August 2009   887131  
wats scene about? wat is it/
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   6 August 2009   488866  
its a style.
a very good style indeedy.

‹Chaotic Chelsie™ [Kawaii Fun]› says:   6 August 2009   271391  
Yes it is.
Scene is the hottest style out here. xD
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   7 August 2009   293598  
oh yh babey.
i just got a a-symetricle scene fringe cut.
tiz awsom.

‹_summernights.♥› says:   7 August 2009   482244  
The first one isn't Georgia Gore.
That's Charlotte Destiny.
Fin says:   7 August 2009   568118  
I like that first girls hair, pink and pretty (:
TwistedxMind says:   7 August 2009   386756  
You forgot Dakota Rose♥ she's my fave so yahh and i thought the first one was charlotte destiny? =/
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   8 August 2009   713998  
ahh ryt.
thats weird cuz i typed in Georgia gore on google.
and the same image came up loads of tyms.

‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   10 August 2009   382643  
there u got peeps.
ive updated it now.
every1s happy^^

‹☆ρïṉαÿ~ƒø~lïƒε☆› says:   10 August 2009   238332  
‹beyoncefan#1› says:   10 August 2009   781733  
these girls have ulgy hair
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   11 August 2009   497686  
Babyboo: yh i kno right!!^^
beyoncefan: fuck off if u dont like it!!><

people annoy me like that.
they come 2 view a fan page.
then they say shit like "thats ugly"
ur ugly betch!!

‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   24 August 2009   199599  
Jessie Cupcake is my fave :D
Her hair is amazing!
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says:   24 August 2009   267683  
i kno rite i love all of them yh. but my fave has got to be Hannie Dropkick♥ she is stuuniing !! xxx
‹☆ρïṉαÿ~ƒø~lïƒε☆› says:   24 September 2009   964817  
mii favy iz Emily Valanyeva
‹<<♦♥♣♠Playy.Mii.Cards. . .wiz>?› says :   29 September 2009   642581  
yh i ♥ her hair;;

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