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The Best Random Quiz Around! Personally Made. =]] Read?Comment?? = ]

UltimateRandomQuiz. =] I made this up myself, and I also answered them. 1. If you weren't named what you are, what would you have been called? -Natasha Louise I think. 2. Do you like cheese? -Yes. I think. 3. Your first best friend was called? -Leanne 4. You wish your eyes were...? -Purple 5. BritneySpears or KellyClarkson? -KellyClarkson, all the way. =] 6. Chips or crisps? -Crisps. 7. Do you like the green on orange tic-tacs better?? -Orange. 8. Do you sit with your right leg over left or left leg over right? -Right over left. 9. IrnBru or Coke? -Coke. 10. Text messages or emails? -Emails, oh absolutely. 11. Hollyoaks or Home and Away? -Hollyoaks, fo'sho'. 12. Who is your favourite Simpsons character? -Maggie 13. Favourite letter of the alphabet? -Z. 14. The comma(,) or the square brackets([)? -Square brackets, no competition. =] 15. Sore leg or sore arm? -Sore leg, excuse for more PE lessons. Thanks, feel free to anser them using the numbers. =) xx
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  x_CJ_Random_x — Page created: 23 February 2007
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jessie746 says:   23 February 2007   343294  
so stupid
myself says:   23 February 2007   119757  
okay well i have to agree with u on this 1 thing... it is definatly random !! lol
sweetangelgal says:   23 February 2007   183114  
1) Christine
2) YEAH!
3) Feribah
4) Green
6) BOTH!
7) Orange
 Right over left
9) Neither, SPRITE!
10) Emails, they're FREEEE!
11) Idk
12) Maggie
13) Z
14) Square brackets. My friend has a comma problem (Yes, I'm talkin' about you,
15) Sore leg
sweetangelgal says:   23 February 2007   752587  
Lol! my 8 over ) turned into 
x_CJ_Random_x says:   24 February 2007   564314  
Jesse, you have no snese of humour, now do you?? GrowUp.
Thanks, myself. Wow that sentence is wierd.
Haha, thanks for answering sweetangelgal.!!
toughguy says:   14 March 2007   874889  
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops bitch i did it again i
kicked yo ass oops sorry wrong person
korey_bo_borey says:   18 August 2007   133773  
1- savanah, emma, or leena
2- uhh, sure. provolone. 
3- i believe, courtney
4- green, maybe blue.
5- kelly clarkson. brittney's a crazy bald woman. [[lol]]
6- crisps would be...? chips.
7- depends on if my breathe stinks or not. llc
8- eurh, i sit criss cross apple sauce spoons in the bowl. or like a guy. lol.
9- inbru..? i totally know what that um, coke.
10- emails. 
11- i feel really stupid. i have no idea whatso ever what those are. 
12- apu. the indian dude. [[lol]]
13- W. cuz in french it's pronounced doob-le-veyy. :D
14- SQUARE BRACKETS!!!!! [[[noticed yet?!]]]
15- leg. i want crutches. and then people will call me crippled. yay, crippled!

  that was fun. =]]] don't listen to jesse. he's just a little 8 year old boy. C=
‹ÿ♥šhi♪› says:   30 August 2008   266167  
1-tina junior or julia
2-only if its shredded : )
‹ÿ♥šhi♪› says :   30 August 2008   976794  
4-lighter brown thean they are
8-right over left
15-sore arm
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