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layouts <3

Remember the good old Kupika where nobody bitched about the layouts being "stolen" because people got the 
backgrounds from photobucket, tinypic and google? well its time we got back to the enjoyment of people liking 
the layouts you make and shut them jealous bitches up! whos with me?  if anbody doesnt know how to make double
or even layouts or hide stuff on your profile like the hug box and crap just ask and i shall tell as i believe its not
fair that
people dont tell people how to do it, also its been awhile so i forgot how to make the box thing to put codes in!! so
yeah would be 
nice to know again, but for the time being if you want any layouts just right-click and press view source and find it
and yeah  buh bye 

blue <3
pikachu <3
faded blur <3
skully <3
old <3
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  xXxXSmileyGirlXxXx — Page created: 4 March 2011
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rawr_letsdance says:   11 March 2011   700495  
hi to make it come up you put

rawr_letsdance says:   11 March 2011   178079  
oops you put

rawr_letsdance says:   11 March 2011   742648  
doh it won't work put <raw> thn your link then that raw again but with a forward
slash before the raw
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says :   4 April 2011   530754  
Hi, how do you make double layouts?

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