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Kupika's News Paper **** The Gothic TImes ****

MAY 25TH 2008

    From what i hear Triplets have turned 13 today Specifically on May 25th. The triplets are Moon_and_the_stars,
Pon_de_replay,xxemoxxxbitchxx. Be nice to them Have fun and Get to knwo them They came here to make
friends, Hope your keep reading Gothic Times

July 25th 2008
A few more weeks until School begins

    From what i hear in my home town Omaha Nebraska I hear that School will be begining on August 18th AKA my Best
friends Birthday she is also a triplet (no she doesnt have a KUPIKA). So have fun with back to school shopping and,
SPEND SPEND SPEnD that cash for new shoes or out fits. THis has been the latest New from the Gothic Times!

November 25th 2008

    Hey there people, Its Almost Thanks giving here in Nebraska, just wanted to say Happy Thanks giving and Have a good
weekend for who ever that has Wensday Thursday and Friday Off of school. And good Luck to any one whos Trying OUT for
Eddies (Oroborus21's) Calendar thing. Most people wont make it but then again he needs about 32 people ( did i do
that math right 12 x 3??? im bad at math) Anyway Happy Thanks giving and Have a Happy Weekend People!

December 20th 2009

    Well hello kupika life is great 5 days from christmas is almost here. i dont celebrate this holiday so correct emif
im wrong, I think Hannakah is still going on?... Any way, our friend on kupika Xaegan_Blight had his birthday
yesterday wish him a super happy big birthday because he had to work for the 1st time a 9 hour shift on his birthday.
Oh another thing about five days away. in 5 das me and my sisters will be 14 and 7 months exactly. Big news my sister is
willing to turn your own picture of yourself or a pet into a self portrait (made by her though) or Pop Art. just visit
her profile and find her page called "Do you want a picture turned into a Pop Art picture?" her profile
Moon_and_the_stars. Please respect what she wants to do and dont tell her that people can just go onto sites and
do that themselves. 
      In other words, lifes too short to get everything you want. Live your life, be free.
Have a Merry Christmas, and wha ever holidays there are this tie of the year (sorry i dont celebrate them name them off
in the comments)
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