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I love you guys! <3

I am so greatful for all the wonderful friends that I am blessed with. All of them are so important to me. To think of a life without them, there wouldn't be life at all. I'm truly lucky to have such, there isn't a word to describe them, friends. Awesome doesn't work because what they've given me, the joy of friendship, goes so much beyond that. I love my friends, for without them I would never be.
//Alex// Alex you're first! Don't you feel special? I hope you do. I really do feel like I've know you forever. It makes my heart scream whenever I see that you're on. We should time-travel and go back to Olde England and drink some tea. One day I bet you we'll see each other at the drugstore buying coolgasm. Jesus is always waiting for you to move next door to him. That land is really cheap now. : D No one wants to buy the land in my pants. <3
//Rosie/Kay/Beth/Or any other name you go by// I don't know your name but one day I bet I will one day. On that day I bet the sun will shine all day. I swear that you are my other half. We were seperated at birth. Your another friend that brings me hope everytime I sign on. I hope that one day we can fly on top of the clouds and then jump off and hope we make it back down. <3
//Cara// We haven't chatted for very long but I think that you should eat a banana while you read this. Now that you are eating the banana, I hope we can become super hoes! <3
//Sammy// You remind me of Spam and Spam is cool! Let's Dance Hoe! <3
//Tori// Even though you drive me insane, we'll be friends. Yes, I do have thoughts of wanting to hurt you because you drive me insane sometimes. That's normal with all my friends though. I think we should go to the store and buy SPAM and eat it on top of my house. <3
//Bella// Let's give you a section too. I'm feeling giving today. Let's go hide out in the library and eat bananas behind the selves. But BELLA I WANNA READ THE CAT IN THE HAT!! <3
You all are very dear and near to me. //Never forget that// //I love you guys// ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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  ‹Charlotte;;WishingOnStars› — Page created: 22 November 2008  |  Last modified: 23 November 2008
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‹AlexAttached<3› says:   22 November 2008   481741  
You had me laughing all around.
I swear I'd buy that land. I'm saving to get my butt in your town, though. :D

And yes, I feel more special than the shiny bananas you make me play with.
I think the purple birds at our wedding just skipped a heartbeat.

If we meet each other at a drugstore, I'll totally choke on my saliva and die right
there of pleasure. It'd be marvellous. It'd feel like I was blessed. And I do, too,
feel like I've know you since forever.

You're absolutely wonderful.
My smile never fades whenever you're around; I think I'm growing too attached to you.
But I think that's good. I want to believe that's a good thing, that we'll really
have tea one of these days.

</3 I love you.
‹rawr;;scarry*cupcake!!› says:   22 November 2008   169996  
awwwww...this is sah-weet
‹dark_angel246› says:   23 November 2008   274564  
yay i drive u insane thats my job!  i <3 spam its yummy in my tummy
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   23 November 2008   615314  
You're so nice to friends!
Koko_Gin says :   4 July 2009   238636  

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