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Role Play Characters

These are some Role play characters
This one is my Gunslinger that I finally did in class:
Name: Miyuki
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Partially a demon but mostly a human.
Class: Gunsinger and a demon hunter/slayer. Can also smelt silver bullets. Oh and a Gun mage.
Orientation: Straight
Likes: Guns, rock and metal music, friends, boys, hunting demons, training
Dislikes: Demons, melee weapons(but will use them when she needs to), High School, Drama, getting hurt, haters, pop,
rap, country, and classical music.
Her Story: She was given a gun when she was four and trained by her father from ages 5 to 10. During the training, she
learned all about guns and to take apart and put different types of guns back together. At 11 she found out she was next
in line to be a demon hunter which is why her father had trained her so hard. She learned how to smelt silver and make
her own bullets. She loves hunting for silver cause she feels like a treasure hunter which shes always wanted to be
since she was young. She has perfect accuracy and can miss any civilians no matter their position and hit the demon
directly in the chest or where ever shes aiming for. When she turned 14 she started going town to town killing any demon
she sensed. The good part aboout being partially a demon is that she has an ability where she can sense demons. People
fear her but also worship her like a goddess. She doesn't care much about anything and only cares about killing demons.
    Hair- Long black hair with side bangs. Born a blond.
    Eyes- Natural light brown eyes that sometimes change color.
    Outfit- Usually wears all black and sometimes a black cloak to hide her appearance. For school she wears her proper
school uniform.
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raidythings13 says:   21 November 2011   353881  
can i be Miyuki
xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx says:   21 November 2011   494676  
Its not for anything sorry. I made her out of boredom when I was grounded.
raidythings13 says:   9 December 2011   464189  
thats all goods
xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx says :   10 December 2011   913010  

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