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Role Play Characters

Here are some role play characters of mine. You can comment a character and if I like it I will post it here. I will
also post my friends characters that I like.

(Will finish him later)
Name: Alec
Age: 17
Year: He would be a Junior but back in England he would be in year 13.
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Origin and Accent: He was born and raised in London, England. He has a British accent. Recently came to America for a
High School education
History: He grew up in England as an orphan. The other orphans he lived with were really kind to him despite how cold he
was to them. In the end, he would take a bullet for them. He trained himself in the way of the sword and fought hard. He
made enemies and he made allies. 
Personality: He is very quiet and mysterious. He prefers to be alone and fight alone. He is outcasted at school and has
very few friends that he talks to. 

(( My friend Lucy's chary ))
Name: Dimitri
Age: 17 but has lived for centuries
Sex: Male
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Can manipulate shadows and take over peoples bodies.
Occupation: Poses as a High School student but on the side he's a hired assassin.
Orientation: Bisexual
Origin & Accent: He was born in Russia but raised in Germany. He comes from a German
family. He has a German accent.
History: Dimitri was born a Damned child. No one knows what exactly he is. Not even he. He
thirst for human blood like a vampire but unlike a vampire he is able to take over peoples
bodies and manipulate shadows. When his powers awakened they were uncontrollable and he
killed his parents. He trained himself hard to control himself so no more blood has to be
spilled but he hungers for human blood and must feed until the body goes lifeless or else
he will be hungry for more. After training himself, he came to a human area to live a more
human life but he also has evil plans in his head to destroy the human race.
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Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   18 April 2012   906067  
Cause Dimitri is that fucking awesome xD

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