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My Life Untill Know)':

when peoplz look at me they see a happy person whos always smiling and happy but infact they dont know wat i really am holding is a not da person most peoplz think i am. i used be one of those good girls who would always do what their mom said.... but that all changed in a blink of an eye.... my mom has started dating this loser [and im sooooooooo mad] when he comes over i just say ''hi" and leave everynight me & my mom have a fight and it always end with Ever [the guy my moms dating] im tired of all the fighting my mom thinks im crazy so shes decided to take me to phsycology and i dont know why i occasionly shout but thats all my parents are divorced my dads married and has two annoying little kids ive decide i want to leave far a away as possible i told i wanted to leave her [she just ignored me and read a book] im not gonna lie i have cried and told her how i fell but she wont hear i feel like to her i dont care to her anymore all the bitch cares about is getting a man before she turns all wrinkley i matter dont i?? will she ever see that im not happy and tell that man "im sorry but things got to be over... my daughter is important " these are words i have dreamed of.. that will come out of her bitchy mouth maybe living with my dad wont be such a big deal the proble is my stepmom is very mean and strict the choices are either having a new stepmom or stepdad my life may not matter to yew but i feel better if i let all this anger out thanx 4 reading !! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO !! GIVE ME SUM IDEAS SHOULD I LIVE WIT MY DAD OR STAY AND SUFFER WIT MY MOM
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  xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx — Page created: 9 May 2008  |  Last modified: 10 May 2008
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‹♫Maura♪Beyond♪Belief♫› says:   9 May 2008   382253  
The question is do you love your dad more or your mom??
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says:   9 May 2008   446978  
I Really Dont Know..
‹♫Maura♪Beyond♪Belief♫› says:   9 May 2008   173419  
I guess you have to think on it then.
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says:   9 May 2008   795663  
Yes I do
I need a lot of help
Unwritten says:   9 May 2008   356793  
Just run away to a friends without asking and say your mom said yes
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says:   9 May 2008   656446  
My mum Aint Stupid
& By The way Shes Always Home
But Thanxx For The Idea
Kt7047 cries:   9 May 2008   259173  
i think u should stay with ur dad, cuz atleast there ur not ignored, right? i feel
very sorry 4 u...
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says:   10 May 2008   431342  
Yeah Thats True!
But I Hate My Stepmom
Its All So Complicated
XxXJakeXxXEmoXxXCupcake says:   10 May 2008   681754  
I'm sorry, love.
I wish you could live with me in my apartment....
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says:   10 May 2008   446127  
Its Ok
We Could Have A Sleepover
[every single day]
‹rhythmic heart thumps <3› says:   24 May 2008   658795  
i so know how you feel! and im not just saying that.

what i think you should do is (since summer is approaching) you should go stay with
your dad for a few weeks and decide which house would be better to live in.
xXEmo_PolkaDotsXx says :   27 May 2008   765928  
Very Smarticle
Im Actually Gonna Try That Out
But For The Summer Im Going To Cebtral America
For 2 Whole Months
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