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I'm~Back~With~More~Hawaiian~Translations <3333 Who wants to learn more~??? x]

Ahola~!!!! ♥ I, Makikonu,is back with more Hawaiian Translations <3333 Now if you got the first page,this is the ADVANCED page.^^ Good luck. Today we are going to learn about things in Hawaii Waterfall: wailele Pronounced “why-lay-lay” --------------- Food: ai Pronounced “eye” --------------- House: hale Pronounced “hah-lay” --------------- Family: ohana Pronounced “oh-hah-nah” --------------- Water: wai Pronounced “why” --------------- Flower: pua Pronounced “poo-ah” --------------- Love: aloha Pronounced “ah-loh-ha --------------- Easy huh~?Most of this stuff you should already know from the first page Now that you know that,lets move on to to BODY PARTS xD Hands: lima Pronounced “lee-mah” ------------------------------ Nose: ihu Pronounced “ee-hoo” ------------------------------ Eyes: maka Pronounced “mah-kah” ------------------------------ Mouth: waha Pronounced “wah-ha” ------------------------------ Ears: pepeiao Pronounced “peh-peh-ee-ow” ------------------------------ Stomach: opu Pronounced “oh-poo” ------------------------------ Tooth: niho Pronounced “nee-hoe” ------------------------------ Too Easy =] Now we are going to the astronomy and land Land: aina Pronounced “eye-nah” ------------------------------------------------------------ Sea: kai Pronounced “ky” like “sky” ------------------------------------------------------------ Sun: la Pronounced “lah” ------------------------------------------------------------ Moon: mahina Pronounced: mah-hee-nah ------------------------------------------------------------ Star: hoku Pronounced “hoe-koo” ------------------------------------------------------------ Rainbow: anuenue Pronounced “ah-noo-eh-noo-eh” ------------------------------------------------------------ Sand: one Pronounced “oh-ne” ------------------------------------------------------------ Stone: pohaku Pronounced “poe-hah-koo” ------------------------------------------------------------ Wave: nalu Pronounced “nah-loo” ------------------------------------------------------------ Good Job ;] The easiest part~COLORS!!!! Red: ula Pronounced “oo-lah” Green: omaomao Pronounced: “oh-mah-oh-ma-oh” Yellow: melemele Pronounced “meh-leh-meh-leh” Blue: uli uli Pronounced “oo-lee oo-lee” Black: ele ele Pronounced “eh-lay-eh-lay” Purple: poni Pronounced “poe-nee” Pink: akala Pronounced “ah-kah-lah” This is a song by Keali'i Reichel{/b] Keali'i Reichel hawaiian music Nou e Kawaipunahele Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole Pili hemo`ole, Pili pa`a pono E huli ho`i käua E Kawaipunahele Kü `oe me ke ki`eki`e I ka nani a`o Wailuku Ku`u ipo henoheno, Ku`u wehi o ka pö E huli ho`i käua E Kawaipunhele Eia ho`i `o Keali`i Kali `ana i ka mehameha Mehameha ho`i au, `Eha`eha ho`i au E huli ho`i käua E Kawaipunahele Puana `ia ke aloha Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole Pili hemo `ole, Pili pa`a pono Ke pono ho`i käua E Kawaipunahele For you Kawaipunahele My never-fading lei Never separated, Firmly united. Come, let's go back. O Kawaipunahele. You stand majestically In the splendor of Wailuku. My cherished sweetheart, My adornment of the night Come, let's go back. O Kawaipunahele Here is Keali`i Waiting in loneliness I am lonely, I hurt Come, let's go back, O Kawaipunahele. Tell of the love, Of my never-fading lei. Never separated, Firmly united When it's right, we'll go back, O Kawaipunaheleery
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inuyasha_lover says:   15 December 2007   663769  
what is wrong with you if you relly know hawaiian you would you would't ni'ihuna
forbend languige>
xEvilCupcake says :   15 December 2007   496357  
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