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Hello There! This is some of the advice I will be giving out on how to get guys!! Please comment! How To Know If "He" Likes You Alright. So you must like a guy. Ask yourself these questions about him: 1.Does he look at you? 2.Does he tease you around his friends and your friends? 3.Does he smile when you walk by? 4.Does he blush when you walk by? 5.Do his friends look at you then look at him when you walk by? 6.Do you think he likes you? 7. Is he popular? 8. Is he HAWT? 9. Does he talk to you, or want to talk to you when you walk by? 10. Does he look away when you look at him? How to get a guy to notice you So, you still like the guy and the last quiz didn't help you, right. THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY GUIDE!! Depends. If you're a primary schooler, then the guys in there dont like lap dancing and mini skirts, high-schoolers are more into that...anyways so dont dress like a PoP Princess because year 6/7 guys dont really like that. But if you're in high-school, then maybe you could wear something like a miniskirt to dances if it is allowed. Dos and Dont's below --> DO's Flirt, not too outrageously Act like hes not your crush Misterious..thats what getting a guy means When he asks you out, say yes on the first go, say no on the second, and says yes on the third. DONT Dress like a sexy mama. Believe me, when you walk on the road to go home, get a guy to take you home. Youl'l have the chance of getting..-cough- RAPED -cough- Flirt outrageously Stop hanging our with your girlfriends bcause of "him" "DO IT" unless you're 18 and over
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