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I need some help

I know many people may not be able to relate to this, but I have a serious crush on a girl friend of mine, but of
course, as always, there is more to the story.
I am a lesbian female. She is a lesbian female, which shouldn't make it complicated, right? Wrong. 
Where do I start? I guess with this.. I have a good friend, Let's call him Sam. Sam and I have been friends for a good
four years now. He used to be one of my best friends. But about a year ago he started dating this girl, we will call her
Kelly. I didn't think much of it but Sam started spending all of his time with her and no time with me so naturally we
drifted apart. Sam, Kelly and I all attended high school together so sometimes we would hang out after school, and
that's how I met her. We shall call her Trinity. I thought she was beautifully attractive from the moment I met her. She
is stunning honestly. We didn't really become close friends, until this year that is... and that my friends, is where
our real story starts.
I was at lunch with some friends, and there was one person that I just didn't get along with, one day he decided to be
rude and tell me that he hated me and didn't want me around anymore, so being the bigger, better person I walked away
and went to find a new place to sit, new friends to eat with, and that was when I saw Trinity at a table that
conveniently had a few empty seats. I walked over, not even sure she would remember me, told her what had happened and
she told me that I was more than welcome to sit with her. Good start right? Well I thought so. I have slowly become
friends with the other people that sit at the table with her and I really enjoy being around them and I like spending my
lunch hour with them. Kelly sits with us also most days. And as you can imagine there were already some hard feelings
between us. I felt she had kind of taken away my best friend, I know they are dating but hey, leave a little time for
friends! And she was jealous of our friendship and would always get upset when him and I hung out, even when we included
her. I believe she had picked up on my feelings for Trinity. She started to get really flirty with her, in front of me
and I did my best to keep cool and not show my feelings about it. Trinity told me she had had a crush on Kelly and that
Kelly was confusing her because one minute Kelly would be all over her and then next minute acted like she hated her.
Now let me remind you, Kelly is dating my friend Sam. Trinity told me she didn't know what to do about Kelly, and would
make faces when Kelly would be flirty with her in school. And then one day, Trinity came to school, we were in line to
get our lunches and she told me that she wanted to tell me something but didn't think she should. I had a feeling in my
gut it had to do with her and Kelly. I told her she could trust me and could tell me anything. And that was when she
told me they had fooled around. My heart honestly sank. It is so hard to keep a smile when your heart plummets to the
ground. I had done a good job on keeping my feelings controlled and I don't think that Trinity knows how I feel. I don't
think anyone does.
Now here comes the part where I need help... Sam is a good friend of mine. Kelly cheated on him. With a girl. They all
spend a lot of time together and are 'friends'... Do I tell Sam? 
I told Trinity that he needs to know, she agrees and told Kelly the same thing but Kelly refuses. I told Trinity then
she needs to tell him. She should have thought of all the consequences before she did that. What do I do??
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  wasted_space — Page created: 29 December 2014
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Inari3 says:   31 December 2014   718276  
You should tell Sam, but not that it will be easy. I think not telling Sam right now
would be worse for all of your relationships with each other in the future. So I
would at least try to tell him sometime when you guys are alone. If you can't or
don't maybe you and Trinity should approach him (by himself) and tell him. I hope
this helps! I'm not really good with friendship-love stuff, but I think its like...
REALLY NEEDED to tell Sam.
wasted_space says :   1 January 2015   509540  
Thanks.. and that's kind of what I thought and was afraid of... I was with Sam
yesterday, just him and me.. and we talked about all of this, kind of. And he knows
that they are really flirty with each other, he saw some texts. And he's just such a
mess.. I just don't want to be the one to tell him, yanno.

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