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MY PROFILE (tell me what you think)

hi ya'll

i'm emma


i'm 17


and i'm looking for a penpal


and i'm single


please send me a message 


i need friends so please please please U BE MY FRIEND


incase you dont know my legs are paralized from a car crash when i was 3 years old



this is me

      elouai's doll maker 3

i have red hair


and theres not that much else to say

OMG did any of you guys see what checkmeoutimthebest said about me???? its on her profile.
its so mean.  here ill put exactly what she put right here..................

any of you guys know way2good4u
thats her nickname
she sucks
she's so stupid
i know her
she's gonna have a baby in like 3 or 4 months or somthing and 
you should have seen her the last day of school...she was like
moaning the whole time 
and she was like "oh oh my god my stomack hurts bla bla bla"
but the teacher wouldnt let her get out of the classroom
it was sooooooo funny
you should have been there
she was the laghing stock of the school
well actually she's been the laughing stop ever since forever
she wheres a diper ok 

it was so mean it made me cry i was crying 20 minutes ago because that one day in class....was torture....
im still crying a little bit right now



[] You have eaten fish food. 
[] You have eaten dog food.
[] You have eaten cat food. 
[x] You have run into a glass door. (i saw the glass door it was downhill and the wheelchair wouldnt stop)
[] You have eaten an ant
[] You have eaten grass.
[] You have licked a tree.
[] You have polka dotted underwear. (i dont where underwhere...only dipers)
[] You have pink underwear.
[] You had contests with your friends to see who can create the nastiest burp. (i have no friends)
[]You have screamed a random word in public. 
[]You wave at people you don't know. 
[x] You have flushed the toilet because you were bored. (i was like 8 and i didnt know what a toilet was)
[] You have slapped yourself out of boredom. 
[] You sing the "FUN" song. 
[] You hold conversations with a pillow, blanket, stuffed animal etc. 
[] You dream of llamas coming out of peoples' butts. 
[] You think people who eat brains are cool.
[] You sing karaoke even though you know you're horrible 
[] You know how to spell "supercallafragalisticespialadosious" by heart. 
[] You make up your own words and use them with people who have no clue what they
[] You have a new haircolor every 5-7 months.
[x] You have striped socks and you have wore them so people can see them.  
[x] You have hugged a random person. (i was trying to get up from a bench in the wheelchair and i couldnt keep myself up
with my hands so i kinda fell/leaned on some random person that walked by....)
[] You have ran up+down the stairs cuz u were bored (cant run+cant use stairs)
[] You have created a puppet show with your socks out of boredom. 
[] You have imagined people saying "bla" and blowing up. 
[] You just tried imagining people saying "bla" and blowing up. 
[] You are addicted to the Anamaniacs themesong.
[] You are addicted to "The Pinky and the Brain" theme song.
[x] You have stared at your ceiling for over 10 minutes. 
[x] You talk to yourself. 
[x] You have conversations with your imaginary friends. 

Count them all up, and multiply by three.
Repost as "I'm ___% immature"

21% wow what do you think
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  wAy2GoOd4U — Page created: 4 July 2008  |  Last modified: 20 December 2008
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checkmeoutimthebest says:   5 July 2008   659832  
ur sooooo stupid
and ur such a ****
and you think just by saying im "mean" 
ur just jelouse im popular at school and ur not
so F*** you
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   7 July 2008   912147  
Shut the hell up, snob. Did anyone ever tell you that you're too full of
yourself?wAy2GoOd4U is a lot nicer than you! So why don't you just back off!
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   7 July 2008   978955  
Hey you know that you can delete comments that you don't like!
‹thatswhathesaid› says:   20 December 2008   516134  
‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   20 December 2008   968333  
It needs some better words in it and some more pictures and a layout. Right now, my
friend, it is very BLAH.
Zelda3443 says:   20 December 2008   517544  
omg that  checkmeoutimthebest is mean!!! why is she like that?? all snobby??? i HATE
hate pages and when you call someone something on ur profile... it's just plain mean!
i mean (i dunno if u believe in God or not but i do) God made us all and in that way
we're all brothers and sisters! will u hate ur brothers and sisters?
Zelda3443 says :   20 December 2008   376165  
oh btw:
are you pregnant? if you are you seem nice and I'm sure you'll make a good mom! If
not still will later in life so good luck!
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