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sexy times

So I was going to my best friends house
I had never been there before
She had just moved house
I asked where the toilets were
She showed me and said
Sorry it is quite messy, 
Because there were boxes Everywhere.
From unpacking.
I said thanks and I went in and closed the dorr.
I could hear her walking back to her bedroom
SO I just went to the loo.
I came out after washing my hands and 
It took me along time to find my way back too her room.
WHenI went in, she was underneath
Her bed Covers.
I said,
WHat are you doing?
She said,
Come here.
So I did. 
She signalled with her hands for me to climb into her bed.
I did. 
As I climed in I saw she was naked. 
She smiled.
I smiled.
She kissed me.
I stuck my hand down her covers.
I played with her tits.
She played with mine and sucked them.
I told her
I never knew you were lesbian.
She said she never knew either but she wanted to fuck me.
So I said ok cool.
And we made out.
But then her brother came in. He was 18, we were 16.
He asked what we were doing.
I smiled and got out to him.
I pulled him to the bed and we had a threesome.
Best sex ever.
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  virgiin — Page created: 14 February 2010  |  Last modified: 18 February 2010
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randomizarre says:   20 February 2010   134927  
kinda sounds unrealistic. but if u did that then why is your nickname viirgin?
virgiin says:   20 February 2010   373099  
its kinda like a pun u know like i am not a virgin but i kinda like to think so.... 
but yeh...
my frend is kinda mucked upp....
thats why it sounds unrealtisitc 
randomizarre says:   20 February 2010   677104  
oh...ima virgin.
virgiin says:   20 February 2010   857738  
thats cool 
randomizarre says:   20 February 2010   288870  
but im 13 and dont get out much    :-P
virgiin says:   21 February 2010   186623  
ha ha! well never mind...
i am sure yuu wont be a virgin for too much longer i lost my virginity at 12, so good
randomizarre says:   22 February 2010   956168  
heh, thanks? i seriously have no one in my life right now.
virgiin says:   27 February 2010   925648  
my advice is go to a party with your friends and get some guy
go to somewhere private like the toilet if nobody else is making out
but if everyone is then just make out i public
no one will care

and dont worry who yu get just someone really up for it... :D 
randomizarre says:   27 February 2010   429052  
virgiin says:   28 February 2010   540850  
sure thing 

i am always here to help on sex and cybering terms!! 

do yu want to cyber with me??? 
randomizarre says:   28 February 2010   656416  
sure.     :]  message me?
virgiin says:   28 February 2010   452886  
ok will do!!  
randomizarre says:   28 February 2010   986009  
alrighty dear!    
virgiin says:   28 February 2010   643283  

he heeeeeeeeeeeeee 
randomizarre says :   28 February 2010   521518  
talk to ya soon
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