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lesbo sex

I couldn't keep my eyes of her, this was the one girl in the whole school who turned me on so hard that I would be able
to feel my tits go hard and erect and my pussy drip with cum. I didn't know if she was lesbian though as she had only
just started at the school and nobody knew. But there were rumours that she was a bi which was great news for me.
Apparently she never wore any underwear either and this just made me have orgasms even thinking about it.
She was wearing the school shirt with 4 buttons from the top undone and i could see her lacy black bra peeping out from
underneath. She had a tiny tight skirt which sat on those tanned curvy legs. It was a few minutes before lessons began
and she was getting her books from her locker, I walked up to her sexily and said,
"Hey, I'm Hayley. You're Ally right?"
She obiously didnt want to talk but I was not giving up that easily.
"So, you live close?"
"Yeah just down Buckmans Drive." she said, not looking at me, only concentrating on her locker.
"Cool, I live there too." That was my perfect oppurtunity to invite her over.
"Cool..." she said.
"So, you wanna come over tonight, for dinner? Just to get used to making friends." I asked hoping she would say yes.
"Sure thing." She said and at last she looked at me in the eyes and her smile was mesmerising.

The bell rang and she rushed off alone to her next lesson me left standing in the corridor. I thought to myself, YES GET
The lessons seemed to drag on forever as I waited for the bell to sound for the end of school and when it did I was
leaping up with joy. This was the night I was alone with the hottest girl I had seen. I saw her by her locker and walked
over again,
"Hey, it's me again!"
"Hey Hayley!" she said happily.
"So, do you want to come over at 6, my parents are away so... yeah..." I didnt want to hint anything unless it put her
"Yeah sure, you're No. 7 arent you?"
I nodded and walked off sexily wiggling my ass.
I rushed home and chucked my bags on the floor, it was already 5 so I only had one hour to get ready. I didnt bother
ordering food so I just got changed and sorted out my room. I threw open my closet and dug under a pile of school
clothes to find a carboard box that was full of my slutty things. I blew off the dust and opened the lid. This box had
not been used ever and I needed to keep it a secret from my parents. I put the lid on my floor and took out: 

3 dildos, one mushy and two hard
A cock strap incase she wanted to play boy girl
6 vibrators
Nurse outfit
Police outfit
Sexy school uniform
Sex lotion strawberry flavor
Some anal toys

I got into the nurse outfit which was a red bikini type top which showed a lot of cleavage, a short skirt and high
heels. I heard the doorbell ring and I layed out all of the things on the floor. I rushed downstairs and opened the door
to find her in a sexy outfit, a black leather bikini top and short shorts with really high strappy leather shoes. I
welcomed her in and she said how much she liked my outfit and I said I liked hers, which I loooved.
"You got a nice place here."
"Its alright."
"I gotta get something straight here."
"Are you bi?" She asked me.
"Cool..." she smiled sexily and sat on the couch laying out long and lean.

I sat opposite her and smiled as I looked at my boobs hinting to her.
"Come over here." She said to me
I walked towards her and she pulled me on top of her.
"Take off your top." she said. I did revealling my perky boobs and erect nipples.
"Theyre so nice," she said, taking her hands and rubbing them gently and massaging them and then pinching them and I
realisd how sensitive they were.
I screamed a bit from the pain and she laughed. 
"Show me yours" she slid of her top to show big boobs and i leaned forward to lick them they squirted a little milk from
the tit, I squeezed them and more came out and as it slid down into her crack I licked it from her.
"Ha ha..." she laughed and she took of my skirt to show my hairy pussy.
"DAMN!" I shouted, I had forgotten to shave.
"No sex if your hairy..." she frowned teasingly.
"But pleaaase." I asked but she shook her head.
"Lucky I have a razor though" and she took out from a bag a hot pink razor and cream. "Dont cum now though or it will
fuck up, just hold it it baby."
She took the razor and squirted cream onto my pussy and it tickled gently.

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fuck that is hot carry on pleasexx
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ok sure i  wil hot guy
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