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Up Date!! Read!

This is my magazine and it is for to help you get up dated on stars and that stuff. And also about Kupika. Well here I

1.What happened to Anna Nicole Smith?
2.Webkinz. Are they popular?
3.Kupika. It is Growing Faster and Faster!
4.You Tube. Bad Or Good?
5.Oekaki. Fun? Or Boring?

What Happened To Anna Nicole Smith?
Everyone is wondering, How did Anna Nicole Smith die? She just had a baby. Did she kill herself? Or did someone kill
That's the question of my best friend Netanya. You can awnser that question by commenting on this page and saying the
question. Telling people what really happened! 

Webkinz. Are They Popular?
Some people love Webkinz, but others don't! To kids webkinz are fun. But to teens they aren't. Well if you want to go
and see what a webkinz is go to and see for yourself. Take the Tour. Buy a Webkinz if you want to. Look
up your city and look for a store with them. To me Webkinz are awesome!

Kupika. It Is Growing Faster And Faster!
You! Yea You! If your reading this you must go on Kupika a lot! Some that signed up hate it. Others love it! If you like
Kupika Comment and say I do love Kupika. And show the others whos Boss!

You Tube. Bad Or Good?
Is YouTube bad or good? That's my question. Broadcasting yourself live is kinda bad. I'll explain. See if you make a
video of yourself people that watch it like sexual predators can find you and look for you cause they have the info.
They know what you look like so they could look for you and go on your profile (if you have one on YouTube) and can see
what state you live in and what street! So if you have a profile on there....Watch Out!

Okekai. Fun Or Boring?
Is Okekai fun or boring? That's my question. It's fun drawing pictures but its not fun getting mean comments. Some
people say its Boring. Some Don't. Well I got to go. I will update you tomorrow. Bye!

This was all a violalove123 prodution.
Written By: Violalove123
News By:Violalove123

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oeakis are pieses of s****  webkinz are ok you toob rocks and so does kupika!!

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