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Gothic Layouts 2: Dark & Beautiful

for those of you who liked my first page of layouts; I desided to crate another page.
*Please remember that these layout will look different on your profile; so they will look strange on here. I have tested
them on my own profile, and they'll come out just fine.

Moonlight Lake layout
Castle Dracula layout
***** People I have created layouts for: *These section of layouts are NOT for everyone. These are simply a display of personal layouts I have created for people for my own reasons. (I pick a random person and they either take it or don't. The one's displayed are layouts that have been accepted.)
your text here
***** The Layouts created with stars ** by them means I have promised to provide a Skin CCS ***** Request list: Taking requests. 1.WakeUpAtDawn [ I want turqoise letters and i don't know how to put a picture on here so anything with JUST Pikachu can be the background] 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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‹Erick Roberts› says:   24 November 2011   553252  
May I please have the Castle Dracula layout?
Please & Thank you.
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   26 November 2011   219561  

‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   26 November 2011   265787  
‹Erick Roberts› says:   26 November 2011   134792  
Thank you very much 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   29 November 2011   204244  
youre welcome 
Kairon says:   13 December 2011   677202  
would it be alright if i request a layout?
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   14 December 2011   111554  
Sure! Just discribe white you want (colors and such) and if you can, provide a
Kairon says:   14 December 2011   755949  
a dark purpleish sort of thing and this can be the background:
Chibis to Organization 13 Pictures, Images and Photos i have to pay?
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   15 December 2011   440722  
no theyre free :-3

I'll get to it as soon as I have the time
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   15 December 2011   876873  
Kairon says:   15 December 2011   144735  
thanks for doin this~
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   15 December 2011   223122  
no prob 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   22 December 2011   508956  

your text here
Kairon says:   23 December 2011   932676  
8DD thank you~!! 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   23 December 2011   617011  
You're welcome
Marry Christmas 
Kairon says:   23 December 2011   855193  
and a happy new year~ 
‹Leah_Is_My_Drug› says:   25 March 2012   125787  
I have a request plz. I want turqoise letters and i don't know how to put a picture
on here so anything with JUST Pikachu can be the background
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   27 March 2012   396375  
okay gimme a while i been busy lately 
khione3 says:   28 March 2012   553361  
Can I have the code for the moon lake lyt <3?
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   28 March 2012   119372  

khione3 says:   28 March 2012   147154  
Thank yooou :D
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   28 March 2012   594395  
youre welcome 
‹Leah_Is_My_Drug› says :   6 April 2012   132497  
Okay take your time. I can wait. . 
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