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^.^Let's Play...SPIN THE BOTTLE! With Naruto and the Gang!Includes Akatsuki ^.^-Girls and Gay People Only!-
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PhotobucketThe bottle spun and spun and you watched nervously, suddenly it stopped and pointed at Sasuke! A blush was soon formed on both you and Sasuke's faces as you two stared at eachother for what seemed like hours. "Foolish brother..Are you going to kiss her or not...??" Itachi's voice said through the silence. Sasuke's blush only grew more as he glared at his older brother. Sasuke walked over towards you, leaned down and kissed you rather passionately. He put his arms around you and you in turn wrapped his arms around his neck. After he reluctantly pulled away you both looked at eachother and blushed before returning to your seats. However, Sasuke seemed much more cheerful throughout the game.Thoughts before spinning again boys?Sasuke: I think...I...might just....*blushes furiously before turning away* Me: *whispers over to you* He likes you!Naruto: *emo cloud floating over his head*Itachi: Foolish brother, so weak...I can do much better Me: sibling rivalry? o.OGaara: What's love...? Whatever it is...Uchiha seems to be in that zone...Shino: hm.....Kiba: Feh...whateverNeji: Damn Uchiha...Kisame: Stop threatening everyone, Deidara-san!Deidara: Can I throw clay bombs at Uchiha??, un??Sasori: *glances over at you then Sasuke* whateverKakashi: Little Sasuke is growing up so fastKabuto: so, Uchiha boy likes her huh?Shikamaru: Hungry...Lee: Uchiha and the girls again
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