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how to annoy naruto

1.tell him the ramen shop has closed down and the only way to save it
 is to donate all the money in froggy to ME.
2.continusly poke him and every time you poke him say "poke".
3.tell him sasuke died then tell him all of sasukes cute female fans are crying 
and he could go comfort them gather all his fans and sasuke in one room and
 lead naruto to them but only bring out sasuke at the last minuet so naruto gets 
whaked by girls first.
4.put him in a cage and eat rare ramen in front of him.
5.tell him that he is named after a freaking ramen part and that he means nothing
 but food.
6.keep him out side till he gets the flu. then dress as a doctor and say that you only
 have a week to live and the only way to live is to give me all the money in froggy
and that would pay for the medication.
7.set him up on a blind date with lee.
8. tell him a big fight thing is coming up and watch him train when he faints bring him
 to a romantic place ( like in a medow under a tree) and put on your cute and flirty voice 
when he wakes up tell him that he will be alright and he fainted then tell him the fight was 
9. run up to him and yell 
 with a open mouth then saysweetly and inoccently "bi" and skip off.
10.grab some fox's and shove them in his face and say "look im sorry about be fore(9) but i
found your family!" watch him cry.
11. grab some cats and run up to him and say " ok im really sorry but look i found your other family!"
12. by now he is most likely to hate you so keep saying naruto over and over untill he says "WHAT!?!?!"
then say "hi"^.^
13. tell him that he wheres under wear that say 'owned by sasuke' and a vest that says 'face it i own you. sasuke.'
14. ask him if he has ever tried spicy ramen he should say yes then ask him if he has every tried the
.enter your name. special it doen't exist so he should say no grab an extra extra spicy ramen and pour 
in volcano sauce then sit back and munch on some popcorn.
15. drink water in front of him whilst he runs laps cause his mouth is on fire!
16. yell really loudly in the middle of the village " NARUTO HOW COULD YOU BREAK MY HEART!?" then run off stick 
slabs of onions on your eyes and fake cry hopefully sasuke or kakashi will come and whop naruto.

so there 16 ways to annoy or kill naruto!!!!!!
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  uchihafan — Page created: 9 April 2009  |  Last modified: 10 April 2009
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‹myheartbeatsforyou› says:   9 April 2009   259377  
that was hilarious xD
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   285941  
alot and your the first person to ever send a comment to me! yay u!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   9 April 2009   124888  
xD that was funny! but number 9 and number 10 is kind of mean D:
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says:   9 April 2009   941246  
xD I'm going to laugh my ass offf :D
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   126836  
yeah no.9 and 10 i though il just make some fun!
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   698573  
hay every one be sure to cheak out my how to annoy garra!
Motoko says:   9 April 2009   559224  
reading these has been fun.
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   412678  
lol tell me about it
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   921194  
if you have anny ideas on how to annoy naruto tell me and if i think there good il
add them^_^
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   387774  
be sure to cheak out my how to annoy orochimaru!
Motoko says:   9 April 2009   244943  
i will!!!
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   9 April 2009   449547  
i like number 16 lol!
uchihafan says:   9 April 2009   161329  
yeah 16 is a good one
dog_lover_forever says:   9 April 2009   949641  
ha ha ha naruto.........
uchihafan says:   10 April 2009   655223  
Yurichan123 says:   11 April 2009   532187  
how about making one about Sasuke?
uchihafan says:   11 April 2009   379432  
yeah im planning on doing one in fact im doing a little reaserch in to it tomorrow
morning (its night time now and im tired)
uchihafan says:   14 April 2009   334981  
ok i was a bit behind scedual but im startting soon promise!
‹SexyGirl0123› says :   29 August 2009   719842  
I know what the fifth star is, i will tell you if you donate for me and i will
comment on your pics ,diaries and pages if you have !! and i will give you hugs and
if i had enough kupipoints i will repay you with the interests.. Message me if your
going to give or not
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