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how to annoy sonic

1. Call him Bibbla

2. When you do, purposely spit on him

3. Change the lyrics to Sonic SatAM theme song and make him girly and slow

4. Challenge him to a race around the world

5. Don’t move

6. When he comes back gloat

7. Loudly

8. If he says you cheated, gloat even louder

9. Throw him in a fish tank

10. Say Shadow is way, way cooler

11. Even Tails

12. And Cream

13. And Cheese too

14. Take his shoes

15. Call Amy and say Sonic has realized his undying passion for her

16. Randomly bawl about the losses of Might, Ray, Sonia and Manic … for 3 months

17. Call Amy ugly and stand back

18. Lock him in a room

19. With Amy

20. At the wrong time of the month

21. Give Eggman Sonic’s shoes

22. When he’s sleeping, cut his hair

23. Into nothing but a bald head

24. Take his pillow

25. Enter him in a chilly dog-eating contest

26. Rig it

27. So you win

28. Randomly lick him for no reason

29. After the contest, call Shadow to punch Sonic

30. And then you end it all by farting

31. Set him up with a blind date with Rouge

32. Tell him he smells like a donkey in August

33. Ask him if it was weird to kiss a human

34. Randomly scream shouting ZOMBIE everytime he walks through the door

35. Tell him to start calling doors Fumbliya

36. Take his shoes and start smacking him with them

37. Falsely smell them, and falsely pass out

38. Start shouting BLUE randomly for six weeks

39. Start calling him Corbin Bleu

40. Tell Knuckles that Sonic’s been paying Rouge to steal the Master Emerald

41. Explain to him the Birds and the Bees

42. Take Froggy(from naruto) and tell Big Sonic took him

43. Dress up as Sonic and take his spot in Brawl

44. Tell him to get streaks like Shadow

45. Tell him he looks funny blue

46. Ask him how he got blue

47. If he finishes explaining, ask him again

48. Randomly shout WAFFLES in his ear

49. Invite everyone to a dinner party and give Sonic so many Chilly Dogs he feels like

50. Drop a stink bomb

51. Overreact and point to Sonic

52. Tell him Cream’s colour scheme looks better than his

53. Tell him the line ‘Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game’ is dumb

54. Stuff baby food down his throat

55. Then the spoon

56. Better if you use a fork

57. Say he needs to grow chest hair like Shadow

58. Change your mind and say who the heck wants to see whatever colour your hair is

59. Text Tails to come to Sonic’s, Cosmo’s back and watch the fun

60. Tell Sonic he has no life and needs to get one

61. ask sonic why all his friends are shorter than him
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  uchihafan — Page created: 13 April 2009
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‹*Expired*› says:   13 April 2009   916623  
Lol,that'd be epic!XD
Rikki_Chaddwicks_and_H2Os_Major_fan says:   13 April 2009   665321  
Motoko says:   13 April 2009   431873  
yays! i love it! *hugs* hay we should make one together!
uchihafan says:   13 April 2009   481564  
yeah yeah ps i got ur mess age wats ur idea?
Motoko says:   13 April 2009   773558  
i got alot on how to annoy shadow.
Scene_Star asks:   13 April 2009   396483  
Sonic who is the cartoon?
Motoko shouts:   13 April 2009   858174  
Rin_Sohma says:   14 April 2009   172947  
I always rather liked Tails...
uchihafan says :   1 May 2009   615252  
yeah he does have a nice wink to him...

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