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how to annoy sasuke

1.say he is emo.

2.say he is gay.
(1 and 2 is not true!)
3.get him a cat for his birthday.

4.hand cuffhim to naruto and watch the fun commense!.

5.hand cuff him to sakura and naruto and kakashi and ino.

6.follow him around and whenever he talks to you say "cheese!"

7.Tell Sasuke Itachi has more fan girls then him.

8.If Sasuke ever fights Itachi, cheer for him in a way, chanting "Die, die, die."

9.When you see him mispronounce his name, "Hey, Saucegay, hows your brother?"

10.Tell Sasuke you appointed him as the president of a itachi fan club.

11.Everytime Sasuke tells you he's an avenger ask him why and after he tells you his story shrug and point out, "If your
an avenger, then why is your hott & totaly strong brother alive?"

12.Ask him why he has a fishing bobber for his clan symbol.( i know its a fan)

13.Buy him a pet weasel, or snake.

14.If you ever see Sasuke dance, shout,"Oh my god, He's having a freaking seizure!"

15.Ask him why does he have the hairstyle of a cockatoo. Then before he can say something you say, "Oh, it's because
your a bird brain.

16."Ask why Sasuke want's to kill his brother, then keep saying "why?" After he gets tired say, "Who cares, why are you
telling me this?"

17.) Place a tracking device on him. Then give it to his fangirls.

18. Dye his clothes pink.

19.Buy him Care Bears for his birthday.


21.Replace his weapons with paper hearts.

22.Steal his tomatoes and run around in circles gloating about it.

23.When he catches up with you, stomp on his tomatoes.

24.Tie him up and poke him endlessly for hours.

25.Make up a stupid song about emo guys with big egos.

26.) Take pictures of him sleeping with a teddy!

27) Next, put the pictures on the internet!

28.) Sell him to a crazy fangirl on eBay for 13 cents.

29.) Enroll him in preschool.

30.) Lock him in a flame-proof room with at least 50 fangirls.

31.) Medically induce a deep sleep on him, then surgically remove his eyes.

32.) Sell his eyes on eBay!

34.) Enter him on a dating game on the internet.

35.) ROMANCE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!

36.) Make him watch episode clips of himself being insulted/messing up/making a fool of himself for HOURS!

37.) Invite all the Sasuke-haters to your house for a torture party.

38.) FANART!

39.) Make him do your homework for the rest of your life.

40.) Alternately sing, “SASUKE AND SAKURA SITTING IN A TREE . . .” (you know the rest), and “NARUTO AND SASUKE
SITTING IN A TREE . . .” at random intervals.

41.) Dress up like him.

42.) Force him into a bunny costume!

43.) Buy him a cockatoo, and when you show it to him, say, “DOESN’T IT LOOK LIKE SASUKE-KUN?!”

44.) Give him a make-over. If you suck at that kind of stuff, even better!

45.) Say, “Huh?” and “Why?” a lot.

46.) Mimic everything he says and does, and when he turns around, act innocent.

47.) Pretend it’s Valentine’s Day. EVERY day. Tell other people to follow your lead.

48.) Bring him to Disney World!

49.) Send him to day care!

50.) Say, “You’re a very bad boy, Sa-kun! No TV for you! AND NO CANDY!” whenever he complains about something.

51.) Convince him that what happened in fanfictions actually happened to him, when he was drunk.

52.) Put a tomato in front of his face and make him chase it in circles.

53.) Tell him that if he wears a bright, pink, flowered dress, Itachi will die.

54.) Tell him if he does the above, AND wears make up and acts all, “like, totally!” all day, no, make that for 8
years, he will receive the Kaleidoscope Sharingan without killing Naruto.!
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  uchihafan — Page created: 14 April 2009  |  Last modified: 29 May 2009
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dog_lover_forever says:   14 April 2009   489933  
can you make a how to annoy shino aburame plz my friend realy wants one!
uchihafan says :   14 April 2009   642472  
shino sure!

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