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how to annoy neji

1. Hide his conditioner and shampoo, and replace it with brightly colored hair dye. I recommend bright pink.

2. Say "destiny" every time you see him. If he tells you to stop, simply inform him that you were destined to do this.
It's just your destiny. You can't escape your destiny, Neji.

3. Ask Neji, very, very loudly, if he has a crush on Tenten. Make sure Tenten can hear you.

4. Cut his hair exactly the same as Lee and Gai's. Also, when he demands to know why, say it was destiny.

5. Send him invites to join the Rock Lee fanclub. Constantly.

6. Make his hair even prettier with lots and lots of bows and flowers. Cry very loudly when he yells at you for it.

7. Grab hold of his arms and make him flap around, all the while yelling "FLY BIRDIE FLY!" until he hits you. Which
should be very soon.

8. Dress exactly like him. Every day. And if he suddenly changes his outfit in desperation, change yours as well.

9. Call him at one in the morning to ask if he's asleep yet. Continue to do this each hour after that.

10. Tell everyone in Konoha that he sleeps with a teddy bear. And that he named it Tenten. ...Better yet, say he named
it Lee.

11. Ask him if he wants to kiss Tenten. If he says he doesn't, tell everyone- Especially Tenten- That he hates her. If
he says he does, run and get Tenten, saying "Neji-chan wants to tell you something, Tenten!" ...And if he doesn't tell
her, you tell her. >D

12. Yell "8 TRIGRAMS, 128 PALMS!" and poke him repeatedly.

13. Pull his hair. Often. In fact, use it as a form of greeting.

14. Replace his clothes with green jumpsuits. Insist that it's "the latest thing".

15. Scream "NEJJIIII, I LOVE YOOOOU!" and hug him to death.

16. Call him pretty boy.

17. Tell him to take out his contacts in front of every one.

18. Tie knots in his hair while he's sleeping. Watch him try desperately to untie them for a while, and then give him
the helpful suggestion of simply cutting his hair. Insist he follows your advice.

19. Follow him around all day singing "I'm a barbie girl! In a barbie woooorld!"  When he comments on this, tell him
it's his new theme song.

20. Ask him how his relationship with Sakura is going. When Tenten can hear you.

21. Swoon and tell him how very pretty he is. Continue praising his beautiful, girly hair until he hurts you.

22. Sneak up behind him and scream "HI, NEJI!!" Then run away very fast and hide. A few minutes later, do it again.

23. Say his name over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

24. Make a lovely collage out of embarrassing pictures of him when he was little. Then give it to Gai. (Think about it,
what would happen if Gai had that? "Neji, how YOUTHFUL! I must show this wonderful creation to EVERYONE IN THE

25. Set his alarm for exactly midnight, and then hide it waaay under his bed or in the back of the closet (With nothing
to muffle it, of course!) so he has to get up and search for it to turn it off.

26. Find every bottle of conditioner, shampoo, hair gel, ect. that he owns and mix it all together. Then, dump it all
over his room.

27. Tell him Tenten is pregnant. Wonder loudly to yourself if it was Neji...or Lee.

28. Ask him if his byakugan is real, or if he just wears contacts.

29. Give him new wallpaper made of posters of Gai and Lee.

30. Make faces at him. When he says something about it, say, "Wait, WHAT? You mean...You're not blind?"

31. Give him an extremely long list of all the reasons the Main Branch is better.

32. Ask him how his ballet lessons have been going.

33. Ask him how his father is, and then say "Oh, right, I forgot- YOU DON'T HAVE ONE."
...Hug him if that makes him cry. D=

34. Tell him you don't believe in fate. When he tries to start a debate over it, slap him in the face and run for your

ok guys thanks just note a few of these r ideas from my friends! :p
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thats awsome
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really tanks!
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lol! XD
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thank you!

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