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Take a moment to remember

Tears fill my eyes as i think of this time of year coming again. Another year since i have seen my dads smile , another
year since i have had a hug and heared i love you sweetie. Each year for me that pain doesnt go away.The pain will
forever be a part of me. There are days where i just sit in my room and watch home videos and ask god over and over
again why? Why my dad. But i know as much as it hurts that god needed another hero up in heaven with him. All i ask of
you on the anniversary of 9-11 is to remember. Im not asking for you to spend money on something or to change the way
you are. All i ask is that you please just remember. Remember all the heros and innocent lives that were taken away from
their familys. All the fathers , mothers, sons, daughters, cousins, neices, and friends riped away in seconds. Just
remember them and tell your family members you love them just one extra time.  I would do anything to have my dad back.
He was like my best friend and rock. All i have now are pictures and memories. I will never have a father daughters
dance, my dad will never be able to walk me down the aile or tell me he loves me just one more time. But through my
dad's death he can show the true meaning of a hero. Him and all the other fire fighters, cops, and innocent people who
lost their lives deserve to be remembered. Please just take one moment out of your day to remember that horrible day. 

I love and miss you so much daddy. I hope im making your proud down here.
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  twintowers — Page created: 10 September 2009
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Rise_N_Shine says:   12 September 2009   649647  
I know he does , do you know why because a daughter that loves their dad that much
is more than a daughter you are a best friend lke I said I know how you feel but , no
one in my family was involed in 9-11. My bro like I said is at war.I remember I saw
that plain crash into the 2nd tower on tv I cried and I thought about your thing that
say "Dads are great riches enjoy while it lasts"
That made me so grateful about my dad !! Stay Strong !!! ~Rise_N_Shine.~
twintowers says :   13 September 2009   433634  
Thank you very much. It means alot that you toke the time to write such a nice

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