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I truly can no believe it has been twelve years since September 11,2001.. Twelve years since I last saw my dad and it
seems like yesterday. I can still hear his voice echo in my mind.. His laugh and contagious smile.. It's crazy to think
that I have now spent more time without my father than I spent having him here. That's heartbreaking but he gave a
lifetime of love in the years I had with him and he is missed by so many people.. Today as you wake up and get ready to
leave your house for the day I ask you to stop.. Turn to your family and tell them you love them! You truly never know
when it's someone's time.. I remember the last time I saw my dad I was in the kitchen packing my book bag for school
when he came in and said I will see you tonight kiddo have a good day at school.. Kissed the top of my head and he was
out the door.. I never saw my father again and that memory has been burned I'm my head forever.. Please take time out of
your day to remember the lives that were lost so suddenly and also the shattered families left behind.. May all the
victims of September 11,2001 rest in peace<3 I miss you dad!!!!<3
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TheDevilsFavoriteDemon says:   11 September 2013   459325  

I think this is great you remember your daddy
his soul is looking down to you, wish my dad was
a loving father, i'm sure someday your dad will have
his hand out waiting to take you into Heaven with him
i hope you stay close to God cause you know this is what
your dad would want you to do ,thanks a million for sharing
this with us i think it's awesome to know someone your age
remembers her dad in memory and i am so sorry for your loss
words can't express how much your daddy appreciates this
thank you so much there has to be a Heaven awaiting for you

God Bless You and All your Loved ones ,

For the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ,


twintowers says:   11 September 2013   824276  
Thank you to much for your kind words! My faith in god is helped me tremendously
over the last 12 years.. Like you said I will see him again one day<3 he missed more
than words could say but I will continue on trying my best to make him proud. Thank
you again.. God bless
TheDevilsFavoriteDemon says:   11 September 2013   444378  

Thank you for allowing me to comment
and your a great young woman too
thanks for being so kind hearted too
and your very welcome~!!!
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   11 September 2013   611768  
Is it alright to ask a rather blunt question about 9/11?

How does one 'never forget' when they were too young to remember?
twintowers says :   18 September 2013   636940  
You simply remember through another's memories.. I have younger cousins who were not
even alive at the time of 9/11 but they know all about it and their uncle (my dad). 
As long as you remember that it was a day that so many lost their lives then you are
doing your part

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