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My Friends

These are my friends from the list. I have way too many friends and to make my pages prettier I have to delete them from the list. So here they are: Conanpb ‹☯<>☯› Papaya PurpleGhost snowfairy782 ‹Cross› ‹► Asim ~ عاصم سمیع ◄› ‹<>>› ‹Max's_Stained-Zoe~› jadiescute Rhys441 ‹мαcқιә› ‹JacobJigglypuff› ‹***MarshMelllows***› ‹Epoch♥› SNACK ‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› ‹>>>>Nathan, The Guy Who Took Your Skittles<>› ‹harvestmoon♥› ‹BlakeMichael#1Fan› ‹♥TheRainbowInYourMuffin~Poison♥› ‹†ßuryM€ßyTh€WillowTr€€†› ‹™♥MaTT♥TT™›› ‹♪♫~ǝılɹɐɥƆ~♫♪› sweetmacy XxMewxMewxX ‹RichieIsADinosaur› cookiidoe ‹Awesomebro› ‹~No, I'm Not Lucky, I'm Blessed~› ‹xX_Destiny The Dreamcaster Just Dropped Dead_xX› ‹ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ› ‹The Highland Warrior› ThePlainGuantler ‹<3Your_Fantasy<3› Aubree_Baby KNTMS spencerfulx greatpumpkin SHERELIA ‹*►♣♥Nippon♥no♥purinsesu►♣♥*› Ninja_G27 Little_cotton_socks ‹XxPlaying with FirexX› MissMya Maitresse_Bluebell Hahex FlyLikeABee ‹Glass Neko› Aries11 Wishar taylorswift jadethumper Jman440 ‹Rainbow_catcher› plumplikejelly ‹♥αíɗəη✰⇐› ‹♥MaGiCBaNaNa♥› icanbeyourmelody Stupidshiit ManahilLovesAnime_98 ToriToxik cupcake_x bubbles_xo ‹pug_lover_101› ricelover blazingirl_the_rebellious XxXpopcornXxX Piploo Heres the description about them all: Wishar: seem cool. i love her layouts. icanbeyourmelody: seem cool taylorswift: i think shes not taylor swift but i like her so im adding her 808mauiboi: seems cool Retro_Rainbows: i want to be like her aidenryan: seems cool snowfairy782: cool new her 2 years ago cowgirl_101: awesome jadiescute: me jadethumper: me The_Image_Of_Heartache: cool theoldersis: awesome Stephy_Star_Bright: cool PlaidShirtsAndBlueBowties: cool ‹<>>›: alike, awesome Tearsofbloodandatoxickiss: alike, awesome Neveragain: she sent me kp so awesome! fluffypuffymarshmallow: seems awesome Jman440: he told someone not to be mean to me ManahilLovesAnime_98: awesome Papaya: awesome charliee_xox: she sent me kp and shes nice RainbowMuffin: awesome Stella_baby: awesome, nice Rhys441: brother happygirl101: seems cool nathan77 KayLuhnnSen: seems cool Aries11: seems cool aliewowzahh: pretty Zoi_Fumeshi: sent me kp thanx lol XxMewxMewxX: gave me hug Aubree_Baby: awesome Rix: cool sweetmacy: nice Matt_ur_Friend: awesome, nice cupcake_x: cool bubbles_xo: cool SaimonSais: nice ish_be_raven_lea: nice ThePlainGuantler: awesome RichieKyuu: nice Ninja_G27: shes a ninja! mackieG13: nice music_addict: awesome story writer choccy_holic_smiles: sweet, lol, kool greatpumpkin: my bff ily ToriToxik: nice vampire_xox_angel_princess LarryK32 phun4u Kitten_Damour lynn12346: cool Conanpb Twinkly SNACK spencerfulx XxdatkidyoxX plumplikejelly MissMya inYOURface TaniiTrigger Stupidshiit Bone_Yard Maitresse_Bluebell cookiidoe Little_cotton_socks Emma_Aquatic: a random but she seems nice kualaberu_x: i like nz peeps lol i_love_you_now_and_forever: hello... shes nz Hahex: a random FlyLikeABee: a random who seems nice Dragon_15: i thought i added this guy bfore blazingirl_the_rebellious: koolies Violet_Love1: kool boycrazy_catz126 XxXpopcornXxX: seems cool iDemonicLove_x PurpleGhost: makes good hot dogs KNTMS sensitive_Rotom Piploo: i ily her <3 ricelover: awesome SHERELIA
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