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Adopt an animal

Hey.... here you can adopt a pet for kupipoints. It is a virtual pet not real life. Have fun with your pet! ♥PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR PET ON YOUR PAGE, YOUR PET WILL COME BACK TO THE ADOPTION CENTRE♥ BTW you can put animals on hold for 1 week COMING SOON...... ADOPTABLE CELEBRITIES.... DOG ADOPTION... Buttercup 1 month old Girl 10 kupipoints Adopted by: Suzie 3 months old Girl 10 kupipoints Adopted by: the oldersis ZoZo 8 weeks old Girl 14 kupipoints Adopted by: Tiny 7 months old Boy 9 kupipoints Adopted by: Toto (from the wizard of oz) 2 years old 25 kupipoints Adopted by: Spike 7 years old Boy 10 kupipoints Adopted by: Cushion 1 month old Boy 12 kupipoints Spikes's son (Spike is the dog above) if you want to buy one of them you will have to buy both Adopted by: CAT ADOPTION... Witchety Grub 5 years old Girl 10 kupipoints Adopted by: Tutu 8 weeks old Girl 15 kupipoints Adopted by: On hold by: PENGUIN ADOPTION... Hemmy 3 months old Girl 15 kupipoints Adopted by: BUNNY ADOPTION: Minnee 1 week old Girl 25 kupipoints Adopted by: Minty 3 weeks old Girl 23 kupipoints Adopted by: CRAYONS ADOPTION... EACH CRAYON IS 3 KUPIPOINTS EACH (from left to right: ) Violet Adopted by: Indy Adopted by: Emmy Adopted by: Lemon Adopted by: Banana Adopted by: Ginger Adopted by: Ranga Adopted by: Fizzy Adopted by:
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  ‹vanilla sunset› — Page created: 10 March 2011  |  Last modified: 25 April 2011
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‹vanilla sunset› says:   10 March 2011   669944  
Comment of who you want, send me the money and then i will give the animal to you.
Tell me how your new pet goes!
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   10 March 2011   527318 ur really gonna give the ACTUAL animal to us?
‹vanilla sunset› says:   10 March 2011   483790  
Didnt you read the page at the top. It said virtual pet :D 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   11 March 2011   173349  
oh ok
then i would like to hav
Suzie the 3 month old girl
‹vanilla sunset› says:   11 March 2011   839654  
Ok you can plz send me 10 kupipoint and i will give you to her lol @173349 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   11 March 2011   448962  
wait are u able to hold animals?
like hold as in save her for me?
‹vanilla sunset› says:   11 March 2011   120554  
yup i can hold in for u lol
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   12 March 2011   469612  
thnx alot! ima try real hard to get those kupipoints! 
‹vanilla sunset› says:   12 March 2011   665558  
lol ok same here
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   13 March 2011   786284  
‹vanilla sunset› says:   13 March 2011   656092  
yep want one? lol 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   13 March 2011   534444  
lolz no thnx xDDD
maybe someother time 
‹vanilla sunset› says:   13 March 2011   643237  
lol okz 
‹♥XCertanityIsn'tAlwaysTrueX♥› says:   13 March 2011   397004  
I want Tutu! Can i have her on hold though? I need just a few more kupipoints :/
‹vanilla sunset› says:   13 March 2011   155437  
yup sure but i can only put her on hold for a week.
btw to get more kp ask people i got heaps. 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   6 April 2011   693943  
i just need 2 more kupipoint ^^ 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   6 April 2011   361351  
btw, can u giv me the link to suzie's pic plz? 
‹vanilla sunset› says:   6 April 2011   793330  
No soz you need to buy her first 
‹TheSkittleInTheM&MBag› says:   6 April 2011   907136  
a'ight thats fine, i'll tell u wen i got enough kupipoint 
‹vanilla sunset› says:   6 April 2011   564961  
atoofy says:   20 May 2011   181139  
I want the violet crayon
‹vanilla sunset› says :   20 May 2011   119847  
Okay once u pay i will give it to u
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