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Re: Poor Puppy

..<font size="6"> 

What does one soldier 

A puppy....

and Iraq....

have to do with anything?

Well Lets Meet The Soldier

This.. is The Soldier, Davind Motari


He Is Representing The United States Of America


Now Some Odd Months Ago David Was Seen With This Puppy


Isnt That Puppy Just Adorable?

Wouldnt You Want It As A pet?

Well You Cant

You See 

David Here


And His Friend Who Is Unidentifed To Me At This Moment


Wanted To Have A Little "Fun" With This Puppy


Now Please Remebr They Are Fighting For YOU

They Represent YOU

They Represent THIS


They are here


Represnting everything in America

While they are in Iraq

They Made A video Would You Like Too See?

Here It IS

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width="425" data="">
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Now In A Time Of War We Can Not Be To Picky
About Who We Chose To Be Our "Saviors"

However If One Of Our Saviors Wishes
To Do Something Like This 

We Can Do Everything 

But Support Them.....

We Can Not Wish This Soldier The Worst

For If We Do 

And By Chance He One Day

Becomes Our Only Hope

All Of Our Wishes At Once Could Come True

Not Only This But By Wishing For The Worst To Fall Upon

Our Not So Dear Friend David 

We Are Wishing The Same Tragedy For His Family 
As What The Pups Family Had To Go Through

No One Deserves This...


My Purpose For Placing This Is Not To Turn People 
Against David....

Its Not To Place Them At Pitty With David

Its Just To Show Who Is At This Moment Representing You.....


Animal cruelty

You Can Not Greive For Just Me


You Must Greive For All Of Us

Pleasepoor animalshorse hurtingabused animals in labsabused cat

Even Those Of Us Who Arnt Of Our Kind 

Report abuse
emotional abuse

Think Of All Of Us Before You Think Of Me


Mommies Munchies Paw

layouts image.. 

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gummi_bearz says:   19 June 2008   165917  
Very touching....-tear-
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says :   19 June 2008   451177  
thankies ^^
its be better if i could find music >.<*

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