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This page is owned by tmonkey345. 12 people rated this page: 8.2
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im hot and im looking for love

hey all you hot sexy girls thats right i said girls im a lesbian aand if you have a problem with that you
can......................well i dont even think u are worth the words all those hu are lesbian or bi i am hot, will talk
about anything,and i have a webcam so i guess that means i will do anything all who are interested message me asap bcuz
i am getting horneyer by the day!

o im so popular i have 10 hits already??? i just made this page like 2 hours ago gosh that really shows you how much ppl
love me!

                           : 2,000
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  tmonkey345 — Page created: 6 January 2007  |  Last modified: 29 January 2007
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‹em <3› says:   7 January 2007   321748  
thats cool
im bi
Annie1314 says:   7 January 2007   121497  
this is sick eww gross
‹em <3› says:   7 January 2007   413489  
i never said i would do anything though
sexyhotlollipop says:   7 January 2007   642322  
annie how rude that girl is just being herself if u dont like it then why did u post
here get a life

also im bi
camille_con97 says:   7 January 2007   126379  
Hey!! Lets have cyber!!! I'm not lez but I'll go 4 it!
Melody14 says:   7 January 2007   195724  
Hey plz message me ;-D
lil_mizz_sexy shouts:   10 January 2007   358781  
o im sooo horny!!! this page is turning me on i think im going to go use my
viborator!!! o yes thats it o my viborator is in my pussy and it feels gooood
xoitslove says:   12 January 2007   648245  
baby im horny as fuck and no im not really 11 im 14 and damn im horny get back at me
Play_Boy_Bunny01 says:   15 January 2007   358864  
I'm soo horny to!!
tmonkey345 says:   17 January 2007   633782  
evreyone write to me real soon
girly_gal45 says:   26 January 2007   523915  
i am soooo horny!
lillez suggests:   26 January 2007   712589  
hiya all u bi,or lez or ppl  who will give it a go i love this page and i have my
vibrater on as well n it feels good oooooooh only if it wis a person then i wid  be
lickin stuff *hint hint* 
so mail me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ezy01 says:   26 January 2007   218936  
i am not one but ill be ya mate
tmonkey345 says:   27 January 2007   141895  
thx for the comments everyone please ;eave more
Lezbian101 says:   1 February 2007   729172  
I love you and your boobs and pussy!!!!
tmonkey345 says:   3 February 2007   526768  
thnx i luv urs too!!!!!!!
girlygirl_4_life says:   3 February 2007   411111  
hey will u send me pics m not lez but ill try!
tmonkey345 says:   5 February 2007   844188  
sure i can do that how dirty?
keyshia says:   5 February 2007   733755  
cool i am such a lespiand!!!!!!!!
nirvis says:   5 February 2007   642711  
can u send some pics!
keyshia says:   6 February 2007   768399  
send me some pics we can cyber!
cute_mexican_blossom says:   9 February 2007   773187  
oooh im so horny
‹Cant Touch This !!!› says:   16 February 2007   536572  
i am horney as helll
Cheerleader says:   18 February 2007   446998  
socrbratx18 says:   18 February 2007   152587  
‹RainbowRae:D› says:   24 February 2007   156428  
send me some really dirty pics I am not really a lezzy but I will try bye sexy
sexy_lesbian says:   25 February 2007   342738  
show me your webcam im so damn horny oh my gosh ill turn my vibrator on
mew_berry_san says:   19 March 2007   948396  
I don't care about the pics myself but little kids can see that!
lesbo_luver says:   16 April 2007   238574  
send me the dirtiest pics u have
ezy01 says:   15 June 2007   943218  
im alez send me dirty pics
brandunny says:   18 June 2007   427397  
hey add me to ur friends list and i 'll give u something good
brandunny says :   18 June 2007   232853  
i love ur boobs

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