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I have no idea what to write about, so here's an about me survey

Full Name:  A. Gage Montano. No one gets to know my first name,
Nickname:  Gage, Gagey, Mah-stache, Gagmon, etc.
Date of birth:  August 15, 1994.
Place of birth:  Trenton, New Jersey.
Current location:  Nunya business.
Eye colour:  Dark brown.
Hair colour:  Blaaack.
Build:  Uh, what. Body build? Slender? Idfk.
Do you wear contacts or glasses?:  Naaah.
Are you right or left handed?:  Right. ~
Do you have any siblings?:  A brother.
Do you live with your parents?:  Yes.


Movie?:  Lion King. <3
TV show?:  Saturday Night Live.
Singer/Band?:  deadmau5.
Song?:  Don't Stop Believing by Journey.
Actor/Actress?:  Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds.
Food?:  Chinese and Mexican food. ♥
Number?:  42.
Soapy?:  Soapy? WTF IS THAT?
Cartoon character?:  Bugs Bunny, yo.
Colour?:  Grey and red.
Sport?:  Soccer and Hockey.
Quote?:  "I love my past. I love my present. I’m not ashamed
of what I’ve had, and I’m not sad because I have it no longer."
Memory?:  Meeting my bessst friend. <3
Dream?:  Nunya business.
Place to relax?:  In my backyard. 
Book?:  Night by Elie Wiesel. 
Drink?:  Wuta' and O.J.


Music or TV?:  Music.
Guys or girls?:  Guys.
Green or blue?:  Blue.
Pink or purple?:  Purple.
Summer or winter?:  Winter.
Night or day?:  Night.
Dopey or funny?:  Funny.
Diamond or pearl?:  Diamond.
Sunset or sunrise?:  Sunset.
Funny or scary movies?:  Scary.
On the phone or in person?:  In person.
Hugs or kisses?:  Hugs.
Rich or famous?:  Rich.
McDonalds or KFC?:  Mickey D's.
Single or group dates?:  Single.
Chocolate or vanilla?:  Chocolate.
Cappaccino or coffee?:  Coffee.


Who is the nicest person you know?:  Samantha.
Who is the funniest person you know?:  Liam. c:
Who is the loudest person you know?:  Zach.
Who is the weirdest person you know?:  Kennedy.
Who is the hottest person you know?:  Kennedy again. ;D lolol.
Who is the all-around person you know?:  Jessica.
Who are the four people you are most open with?:  Jessica,
Kennedy, Liam, and Gabriel.
Are you/have you ever been in love?:  NAH.
If so, what was/is so special about them?:  Nah.
Do you think it is right to flirt if you have a bf/gf?: 
How far would you go on a first date?:  Pf. I wouldn't let them
know where I live, that's fur' sure.
Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?:  OUT OF COUNTRY!
Describe the type of person you would want to spend the rest of
your life with:  Why the hell do you wanna know?
When was the last time you talked to the person you like?:  I
don't like 'nyone. 
What are the qualities you find most attractive in the opposite
sex?:  .. I don't lyk gurlz. Well, I don't think I like girls? who


What is the song you are listening to right now?:  Ghosts 'n'
What is the next CD you are going to get?:  What Separates Me
From You
Which song reflects you the most?:  I dun got one. :c
If you were on Australian Idol, which song would you pick to sing
and why?:  LOL. Ice Ice Baby. ;D Because I'm cool.
If you had your own band, what name would you give it?:  Dead
By Tragedy or Deep-dish Zombie


Met Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?:  NO. ):
Gone skinny dipping?:  Yes.
Danced in a public place?:  Yes.
Smiled for no reason?:  Yeeees.
Laughed so hard you cried and/or peed your pants?:  Yep,
criiied. ;-;
Written a song?:  I haave.
Made out in a movie theatre?:  Yep.
Lied when someone asked you "Do I look ok in this?":  Nope.
Lied to make someone happy?:  Nah.
Threatened someone?:  .. A few times.
Been threatened by someone?:  Yep.


I am...:  Gage.
My heart is...:  gold.
If I were a...:  fish, I'd fly.
I wish...:  I was good at this. :c
So many people don't know that...:  I know everything.
If I could be anyone I would be...:  That gecko right there.
If I could change one thing about the world, it would be...: 


Control weather or read minds?:  Control weather.
Be good or evil?:  EVIL.
Be invisible or have super speed?:  Invisible.
Have super strength or flight?:  Strength.


Q&A Section   
pottter 5 Mar 11  
tipofmytongue 6 Mar 11  
I don't understand why.
pottter 5 Mar 11  
you're amazing.
tipofmytongue 5 Mar 11  
I am?
‹>>>>Nathan, The Guy Who Took Your Skittles<<<<› 5 Mar 11  
nothing much:3
Just talking to you and ppl in messages things like that 
tipofmytongue 5 Mar 11  
Just eating food and listening to music n' stuff.
‹>>>>Nathan, The Guy Who Took Your Skittles<<<<› 5 Mar 11  
oh Kewl :D
tipofmytongue 5 Mar 11  
:3 What are you up to?
‹>>>>Nathan, The Guy Who Took Your Skittles<<<<› 5 Mar 11  
And who is that? :3
If I may ask
tipofmytongue 5 Mar 11  
Kennedy! ~
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