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A Thousand Types of Beautiful

You know what I really don't get? When it comes to which body type is more beautiful - curvy or thin - a lot of people take a definite side, and it's usually the side their body falls on. I think that's absolutely stupid. I know this sounds cheesy, but it really is true: there is more than one type of beautiful, and neither is better than the other. We were each born a differently, but that doesn't make us any more or less pretty than someone who was born the other way. It just depends on how you were built. Picture, if you will, Marilyn Monroe with a 20-inch waist and a surfboard body. It just doesn't work, does it? On the other hand, what about Audrey Hepburn? Imagine Holly Golightly with wide hips, a big butt and a heavily endowed chest. It's weird. It's just not her. These two women are arguably the most beautiful to have ever graced the screen, but I personally would be hardpressed to decide which one takes the crown. I think they're both stunning in their own way, just like everyone else. Personally, I'm on the Audrey side of the spectrum. I have a very thin, toned, athletic body. I have a set of abs that I'm seriously proud of - that I have a right to be proud of, no matter who tells me I'm too skinny - and although I'm not super curvy, I still feel beautiful. I wish all girls could feel like that, but the way society is today, it's not possible for many people. On the one (and, dare I say it, better known and more criticized) hand, you've got the media and the way they shove stick-thin models down the faces of ten-year-old girls, telling them that a size zero is the equivalent of beauty and that nothing else is good enough. However, there's always two sides to a coin. What I believe (or at least hope) started out as a brave crusade against anorexia has become a culture that puts down skinniness as though it were an awful disease. I have previously felt personally offended by the idea that being thin makes you bad or a sell-out. Those feelings, however, helped me to better understand the way curvier girls must feel when they see page after page and commercial after commercial of nothing but size zero. This culture of bringing each other down needs to stop. Curvy does not mean obese, and thin does not mean anorexic or unhealthy. There is more than one type of body, and there is more than one type of beautiful. For every gorgeous girl who's a size two, there's another gorgeous girl who's a size ten, and vice versa. Don't believe me? Really? Marilyn Monroe Audrey Hepburn Kate Winslet Emma Watson Katy Perry Dianna Agron Jennifer Lopez Tessa Virtue America Ferrera Tanith Belbin Beyonce You can't tell me that any one of these women isn't beautiful, and it's got nothing to do with the size of their waist. Some of them are probably 00s, and some of them put a 36-24-36 figure to shame, and there's many in between. That doesn't change the fact that they're all very pretty, and so are you. We all are, regardless of body type. There are a thousand different types of beauty, and everyone fits in somewhere.
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  tiggerlemon101 — Page created: 15 May 2011  |  Last modified: 31 May 2011
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LuckyNumber19 says:   4 June 2011   138500  
Well done on writing this really emotional page 
tiggerlemon101 says:   4 June 2011   883296  
Thanks hun.  
You're beautiful too. 
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   7 June 2011   473620  
This reminds me of some idiot scholar that said black women were the least
attractive women in the world. He said it was proved "Scientifically." How do you
prove that?
tiggerlemon101 says:   7 June 2011   892526  
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.   Even in the (highly unlikely) event that he
just surveyed a bunch of guys to see if they fount black or white women more
attractive, it would be just as stupid.  I think it's probably just more natural to
be attracted to your own race (not that I have any proof of that or that it's always
true), and that doesn't make a person racist. 
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   7 June 2011   731969  
You do have a point. I just I was biased being black. And a woman. Or a teenager.

Maybe some people are attracted to their own race. I find anything male attractive as
long as it's nice and sweet and funny.

But, still, to say it's scientifically proven? It sounded like opinion to me!
tiggerlemon101 says:   8 June 2011   873143  
LOL, don't worry, I was agreeing with you 100%.

I just think it's possible that a "survey" may have yielded those results, but the
person who even thought of it in the first place is terribly racist.  Personally I
tend to be more attracted to white guys, but that's just me and there are definitely
some good looking black people out there, both male and female. 
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   8 June 2011   325503  
If I ever get a survey like that, well, I'll demand to know of it's maker!
tiggerlemon101 says:   8 June 2011   328134  
Me too!  Who would even think of that?? 
lillymill says:   8 June 2011   878049  
this page is super awesome!!! lol I agree with the skinny doesnt mean unhealthy and
anorexic and that curvy doesn't mean obese and stuff. I myself am a size 00 (and just
barely too) but then again, I am only 13 but sister is sixteen and is also
a size 00 (although I can understand that, she isn't anorexic, she seriously just
doesn't like eating lol on school days she doesn't eat lunch) but I eat every meal
and so does my friend and we are both really skinny. whereas my friend who thinks she
is fat and ugly has a different build. I swear, she isn't you said, she's
curvy. But she definitely isn't fat. She's just bigger, I guess. But she doesn't eat
tons of food, that's just how she is :P
tiggerlemon101 says :   8 June 2011   761723  
Exactly!  It just depends how we're built.  When I was thirteen I was a size 00.  Now
I'm sixteen and I'm about a three or four (but I'm also tall), but I eat every single
meal.  We're just born the way we're born and we can't do anything about it.

Thanks hun!   

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