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Epic Fail Town

You Know You're From [Where I Live] When... 1. CC is not a type of alcohol 2. Going to "The Cliff" does not involve hiking, biking, or any other recreational activity. 3. You think “White" is a racial group. 4. You think LD is a “White" school. 5. You can swear in at least 4 different languages (English, Lebanese, Portuguese, Italian). 6. You know several people named Gino and Charbel, and think this is normal. 7. You think Windsor is awesome. 8. You think the tomato fest “gets lamer and lamer every year”…as if once upon a time it was actually good. 9. You put ketchup on everything. 10. You’ve waited in line behind 15 Mexicans at the grocery store. 11. Every street is either “Highway 3" or “old Highway 3" 12. You think circling the dock is a fun activity. 13. You’ve driven in the Beer Store through the “Out" and left through the “In" 14. You’ll still go to a movie theatre even if it only has 3 crappy screens, crappy food, crappy sound, and a crappy movie selection. 15. You’ve driven past at least 7 yard/garage sales on any given Saturday. 16. You thought the McDeal was a good reason to walk to Mcdonald’s and be late for period 17. You’re immune to penicillin (if you’re a Dr. Leung patient) 18. You have stereotypes of people that live in Woodslee (hicks), Kingsville (stoners), Wheatley (sluts), and Essex (all of the above). 19. You think the best thing in the world when in another city is to be able to get food between the hours of 1am and 6am. 20. Going back home, even in a smaller city like Leamington, involves days of catching up with everyone. 21. Sitting around town or Heinz bush is your idea of FUN. 22. You see a Tim Horton's on every street corner. 23. You have food in your hand and Wes McDowal just comes and snipes it. 24. You have a teacher you likes to look down girls shirts and "accidently" rubs his body against them. 25. “Going out” means going to Jose’s. ^^ For any Canadians out there- did you watch the Women's 2010 Olympics Gold Medal Hockey Game on CBC? If so, then you might not remember this, but you definitely saw Jose's mentioned by Meghan Agosta's (tournament MVP) dad. He thanked everybody who was there watching the game, which was practically the whole town LMAO. 26. Forget the garbage can…you’ll go out of your way to find a tennis court for your cigarette butts. 27. You lived through the depression (by depression, I mean when DirectTV was zapped). 28. “What the fuck is a crosswalk?” 29. You recognize the names of more old folks homes than names of Prime Ministers. 30. You’ve heard the name “Steve Youssef” in some capacity. 31. Ditto for “Wes Mcdowell”. 32. You’ve used a shovel that was meant for snow to shovel June Bugs at least once in your life. 33. Throwing American dollar bills is for weddings, not strip clubs. 34. You’ve considered going to Bedrock’s, the IT, or the VI while you were drunk…but never ended up going. 35. You or someone you know installs satellite dishes. 36. Taco Bell was a novelty when you were young. 37. You’ve played euchre with someone other than your grandma…. 38. …for money. 39. You still don’t understand how the lights at the Fraser-Oak-Talbot intersection work. 40. You took Driver’s Ed with either a little Asian man or big Arab man. 41. No open bar = no RSVP. 42. You’ve worked in a greenhouse. 43. As sad as it is, you’ll admit that the construction of Wal-Mart was probably the most significant thing that’s happened to our town in the last 10 years. 44. Though you won’t admit it, deep down inside you get pretty pumped when you see [town] mentioned on the news, in the newspaper, or even in a myspace bulletin You guys probably didn't get most of these, but I just thought I should share how FREAKING AMAZING (ahem) the place I live is...
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  tiggerlemon101 — Page created: 30 September 2010
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‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   30 September 2010   800094  
I just put ketchup on everything. XD
summerrain says:   30 September 2010   724073  

Olive Our Town. :')
tiggerlemon101 says :   1 October 2010   519995  
Olive it too.

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