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name: Asher Michael Williams age: He's turns nineteen on September thirteenth, at seven forty one a.m. brief past: Surfing, dirt bikes, atvs, racing.. That's pretty much his whole childhood. His father would take Asher and a few of his own friends out and they'd get dirty out off road and on the beaches and in the woods. That's all he knew, getting up and waking up to the wind in his face on the atv, taking his dirtbikes out to the trails and racing in the junior class. He also loved surfing, something he learned to do on his own at night when his father was asleep and so was his mother. He was a single child, so he tend to get more than everything he wanted, and his parents were extremely wealthy. They lived in Sydney until his father had a 'business trip', then turned into a whole move out of the country. That stopped almost every activity he came to know and love. He hated his father for it, and once he turned eighteen he moved from the house, only to forget, erase, and replace his parents with friends he's adapted. picture: Current: Childhood: Name: Jadan Jole Kharper Also known as "Jay Jay" and "Christina" Age: Sixteen years young. D.O.B.: Monday, September Fourteenth at ten twenty one p.m. Height: Five foot four Weight: One hundred and forty three pounds Family: Saraphena Kendrick Kharper and Thomas Kharper conceived Jadan Jole on a wonderful night that their older daughter was at a friends house, their daughter being Sadie Suzanne Kharper, who is eighteen years of age. History: "Mom, why do you call me Christina?" Jadan would ask his mother from when he was young. His parents adapted the name Christina for young Jadan, giving him the idea of a female. She would call him this because his original name was Christian, and Jadan would believe he was a girl when he was little. She decided that his feminine son would need a feminine name, and so she called him Christina. He never really knew why she called him this until he was elder. Young Jadan was born in a hospital, like any other child, and he was raised, like most normal families. His family obviously had their differences, arguments, disagreements, problems, just like any other. His childhood was very lonely, he had a sense of social awkwardness that he couldn't shake off. He'd never been able to make many friends, but he was always able to make friends with the special kids in school. The ones nobody really liked, which was okay with him because he knew that they had his back, and he always had his. And where I say this, he also took into the habit of arguing and beginning to fight with other students. They would pick fights with him when he refused to argue, and he would let them beat on him, and when he finally got fed up him and the other would tussle. He wasn't going to let others pick on the ones he cares about, he hates that over all things. His parents never really let Jadan and his sister have pets, Jadan aws okay with that because he was allergic to most animals, so pets and what happened is out of the question. Like I said before, with young Jadan fighting, his worst experience he'd ever had in his sixteen years of walking on Earth was when his supposed best friend, Chelsea Burlington decided to lock him in a school locker because he refused to give her his lunch money, which she was in the habit of taking every day. He only had enough for himself, and he just told her no because he wanted to eat lunch for once, instead of giving it up, and she got irritated and shoved him in. He sat in the locker for three hours, until the janitor at the school heard him crying in the locker and took his key, and let him out. This became a reoccurring nightmare he had, just the nightmare was more twisted, and instead of the girl it was his mother and father and sister locking him in, but he never got out in his dreams. He was stuck there, and he reckons dying in the locker, and seeing himself in hell. It was disgusting there, nothing but screaming and women being raped, and men being tortured and a very malicious man in a throne at the top of the cove. Likes: Writing, talking, speaking his mind, helping others, hand made things, doing things on his own, drawing, playing video games, long walks. Dislikes: People snapping off with an attitude, watching other people play video games, letting other people do things he's supposed to do, depend on other people, do laundry, do dishes, people who complain about their lives, homework. Sexuality: Genderblind. Boyfriend: N/a Married?: N/a Children: N/a Eyes color(s): A very deep blue. Hair: His hair was naturally brown when he was born, and was also curly. He never entertained the idea of growing it long until later on in life, during his teenage years. That was also when he begun dying it, he dyed it dark brown and blond streaks when he was thirteen. It was naturally curly, and it stayed that way until he was about fourteen and begun abusing the thick, curly locks with a hair straightener. He'd never leave the house without spending at least an hour hot ironing his hair until it was 'absolutely perfect' in his eyes. Appearance?: Jadan has a rather husky build, he's not exactly beefy, but he's not fat either. He stands a fair five foot four and weighs a healthy one hundred and forty three. He's never been exactly the skinniest boy in the crowd, but he's never been the fattest. He's okay with his body, he doesn't complain. He makes up for the lost height in inches down under, and he doesn't have cottage cheese or rolls, an exceptionally nice four pack and fair muscles in his legs and arms. The boy’s jaw line is rounded, giving him a more ‘childish’ look, per say. He has high cheekbones, creating the illusion that he’s younger than his said age. Jadan’s ash-rose lips can’t can’t be classified as thick, nor can they be said to be thin, either. He sports a lip ring in the right side of his lip, silver in color. His nose is rounded, and his septum pierced. The boy’s eyes are a luscious deep blue, slightly almond-shaped, and freckles lightly dust his cheeks. "HAI GHAIZ MI NAYM ISH JADAN I R KHOOLER DUN YOOOOH U:" Name: Kross [Last name unknown] Age: 18 Gender: Male D.O.B.:Unknown. Height:5'10 Weight: 120 Family: Unknown. History:Pfft. Liek I know =3= Likes: A lot of things Dislikes:The rest of the things besides what he likes Sexuality: Bisexual Occupation: FFFFFFFFFFF Significant Other/Partner: Tristan Taylor. ♥ Children: OH BICH NEVER. >:O Married?: no. v.v Eyes color(s): lime green Hair: black and green Pet Peeves:everything that he doesn't like |D Picture:
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Name: Charlie Daniels Age: 17 Height:6'4'' Weight:180 something. Birthday: January 16 Personality: Brief history: Sexuality: "Sexuality will always be universal to me." Picture:
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