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life and death

Ok if you people hate sad stories you should not go on. As you can tell this story is going to be ever so sad by the
title but have (hopefully) a happy ending. Have fun reading and rember it going to be a sad story.

decmber 8 1916

My life has changed forever.Learing that my brothers are going to war and might not ever come back agian. I must not
think about that. I have not even told you how I got you and about me and so on. Why am I talking to you as a real live
person I do not have the answer for that. Anyways my name is rose neyalk. I live in Alberta. I got you from my older
brother Jason. He and my other brother dan are the ones going to war. I'm so scared for them. Must stop now. Jason told
me to wirte about what is going on while he is at war. My family is so sad. My dad,mom and my sister lilly,me and my
twin sister Emily all went down to the harbour to wave goodbye to dan and Jason and all the other solider who are giving
thier lives for us. I can not go on the ink is running form my tears. I hope this is a good start Jason.

december 25

I have not wirtten in so long. Nothing much to even to report thoes days I missed. We been mostely doing christmas
stuff. We a delicues dinner last night but when everyone was asleep I cried myself to sleep. Jason if you are wondering
why is beacause I thought of you and Dan and you may have one of your worse christmas ever..  So much to do. Knit stuff
for you soliders. It is very tiring but at lease you will be happy. Christmas was so much fun. I got this beutiful pen
from Lilly. A little doll from Emily a book from Aunt meme and Uncle drew but my favourite present was from mom and dad
to the whole family is a puppy! We named her sally. She is just the cutess. Must go mom calling me bye.

December 28

Sunday yuck. Went to the church today. It felt like 100 hours. not really more like 1 hour but still very boring.
Nothing much to report today.

December 31
Tommorrow is 1917. yhaa!! I love new year. Today we are perpearing for the big party.

Later at 12:00 pm

So tiered I can here Emily snoring. Must wake her up to tell her happy new year before I fall asleep. Had a wonderful
party. Sami brother was there jay. he looked really cute. Guess who else was there. Your love dove hellen.She talk all
about you. You

10 min later

Sorry about cutting off. Emily woke up and ask me what I was doing. I showed my dairy to her. She laughed hard when she
read the part about hellen. As I was sayting You and hellen make a perfect couple.It was anoying when mom sent me and
Emily to our room because we werent old enough to stay up that late till next New years eve. Must get going so tiered
can not wirte a single word.

Janaury 2

Big party yesturday. It was Aunt meme birthday. Did you wish her a happy birthday. You better have cause you know aunt
meme. Sturbborn as a mule as dad said.We had delicues dinner. The smell made me doze into a daydream about the food
which made me extra hungry. I read back on my old pages of my dairy and saw that I do not wirte much so I will try to
wirte a good size of wirting. Oh yhea Mom just called me and Emily down to dinner fainlly I am satrving.


I am so hungry. Even now I had dinner it was brussel sports. Only Mom and dad had clear plates. Me barely anything
touched. I feal rather dizzy. I should tell mom about that.

Later (agian)

Mom says it nothing but I have a bad feeling. I should take care of myself. See Jason I am being very careful about
keeping my health up as you said a few days before you left is "Now Rose take care of yourself so when I come home you
are not gone" I must stop wirting about you Jason It makes me so sad and then it so hard to wirte with tears falling

Janaury 3
School is starting soon. Nah. Jason you know how much I hate school. Mr. buckle is leaving our school to go to a
different one. Yha. Maybe this teacher would not be as mean as Mr.Buckle he always gave us a strap on our knuckles. One
day I got 6 of them. It hurt so much. Must go to help with the chores.

Janaury 4
Sunday. I love sunday...NOT. Why do we have to go to church it males no sense. We have to go to church now bye.

Hope you guys like it so far. Please leave a comment about it and tell me if I need to change any thing. thanks bye.
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