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info tofu

why are you here?? I'm literal trash??? I guess if you really want to know, I mean... psh the only reason I made this dump page is cuz I love to talk about myself and low key like having all the attention. so I guess keep reading if you really want to :/ some facts abt meh: - I can go from "fuck you I'm gorgeous" to "why would anyone like me" in .003 seconds, no lie - existential & social anxiety? question mark because I haven't been diagnosed by a professional or anything nor do I take meds, but I know I at least have symptoms. same w/ depression, but I know I def have that. - I love animals -3- - yes I use text abbreviations and emojis, you have problem, comrade? - I literally suck at being human?? I will not take the lead in the conversation, so you'll have to like guide me along pls - if we become close enough friends, there will be times when I'll just randomly apologise for being annoying and clingy, sorry - on that note, I am very clingy, I over think fucking everything, and will probably always think you low key hate me - I FUCKING LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS - I also get hella excited and passionate about things ^^; - I'm pretty "masculine": broad shoulders, thick legs, gross voice :/ (air-quotes cuz fuck gender roles m8 ) - B) {+} drawing, writing, music, sometimes singing & dancing, horseback riding, swimming, rocks, old graveyards, abandoned places, 1900s history, camping, kayaking, leisure bike riding, traveling, long car rides, music boxes, rain & thunderstorms, tattoos, gardening, neck bites/kisses, large hoodies, MEMES {-} pickles, "meninists", sexist pigs, country music, stereotypes, living in an urban area, people who think stupid is cute, cultural appropriation, wasps and hornets Animes: Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Hetalia, Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Ghost In The Shell, Elfen Lied, GunXSword, Darker Than Black, Death Note, Attack On Titan, SaiKano, School Rumble, idk some other ones YouTube: Markiplier, Vanoss, Game Grumps, Pewdiepie, Cartoon Hangover, TribeTwelve, everymanHYBRID, Marble Hornets/Clear Lakes 44 TV: Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm St., Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hunger Games, Invader Zim Video Games: OFF, The Legend of Zelda, various Kirby games, Silent Hill, Portal I think Russian is the sexiest language and accent in existence so if you speak it you better fucking make love to my ears with your voice (and then maybe my body, too?) my love life is kind of a weird topic right now? I do have a major crush on someone (more like 2 people :/ ), I'm too afraid to pursue either of them atm... but I'm gonna try ;^; besides, dating someone I met online - ESPECIALLY an obscure site like this - would be a sensitive topic with the rents... why am I writing this who wants to date this potato lol I don't really listen to specific genres? It's just kinda songs I like and songs I don't like... but here are some artists <3 I fucking love Rammstein Rammstein is my life I love it so fucking much like if I sold my soul to have one concert it would a Rammstein concert sooooo I guess that's it? bye
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‹snøfall› says:   22 October 2015   430983  
Ahh the Hellsing gif at the end *o*
‹duck fucks› says:   22 October 2015   599314  
Alucard is bae 
‹snøfall› says :   22 October 2015   567413  
forreal tho 

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