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This page is owned by thaisan.

anything i find is fun over the internet

My japanese name is 松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 恵津子 Etsuko (given child).
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I have fallen in love with elouai!!! elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 ME!!! (I spent a lot of time on this... I tried to make it as much like me as possible.) elouai's doll maker 3 I'm scared of this one: elouai's doll maker 3 This is my brother Chun. He insisted that I make him cute... I HATE HIM!!!! (I'm planning to kill him, and then steal his eyeball where I shall trap his soul. Muahaha!) elouai's doll maker 3 (Desc. comming soon) elouai's doll maker 3 This is one of those people that just... stand out ^_^ elouai's doll maker 3 Frosty the snowman... La.. la... I don't remember the rest -_-* elouai's doll maker 3 Aww, he's crying! Poor, poor cutie... (I have interessting taste, don't I?) elouai's doll maker 3 Ok, just recently, I have become a frozen coffee addict! I still don't get hot coffee. Her name was shortened down 'cuz I didn't feel like writing frozen coffee above her head. elouai's doll maker 3 I've been meaning to poste this one 4 a long time! Yay, summer is finally here! I'm not a summer fanatic, really (sunburns! owww!), but I do love simply lying on my backside, typing and crap, for a few months (this brings us to the fact that I am unfortunately still young enough to have to go to school). Wow, aren't I the energetic one? elouai's doll maker 3 Do you find it the slightest bit ironic that her name is cherry, yet she wears strawberry clothing? Cry me a river. Strawberries are fruit, right? I can't be blamed for mistaking one red fruit for another-although, some cherries are more purple... elouai's doll maker 3 Ever notice how I love making colorful elouais? I find its a strange habit... I want to make a darker creation (wich I have), but, to me, they all seem slightly happy, even the evil ones... I swear, I'm not like this in person... I just can't help letting the child in me out on all of my drawings, writing, etc. elouai's doll maker 3 Ok, her actual name is supposed to be chocolate, but it wouldn't fit... Anyway, I decided to creat her to represent my love for the stuff... I can't help it.. This addiction is worse than frozen coffee... Although, unlike coffee, I wanted Coco to look happier.. After all, chocolate is sweet :D!!! elouai's doll maker 3 OH NOEZZ!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO PUT ON MY PAGE!!!! HELP ME!!! ... I am a super stupid anime fan!!!!

My Kawaii Kawaii Sugoi Nihongo Namae is Super-cute Sailor Arashi -San.
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Oh, and btw, if you have any ideas for new creations that I could work on, please say so. I don't wan't to suddenly die of boredome. If my elouai creation wasn't exact, don't hurt me. I'm not exactelly a genius when it comes to reading the minds of others -_- (although, that would be fun).
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  thaisan — Page created: 1 June 2007  |  Last modified: 10 July 2007
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sissybfflh says:   1 June 2007   788863  
i like your dool
sissybfflh says:   1 June 2007   836613  
i mean doll
misty says :   1 June 2007   713147  
lol man am i good................................... whoops where did that come

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