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Kupika School Math Lessons

Hi. Forget about the website URL. I know it says adoption agency but it really should be called Kupika Math Lessons.
Just pay attention the title. I'm not a mean teacher. Sooo...yeah. Don't be afraid.

Math Lesson 1                                  May 6th 2008

Okay, due to the fact that this is a new year and a new school/class; I'm going to go easy on my classmates. A lot of
you say that you have a lucky number or a special number, or something like that. So here is the assignment: I want you
guys to write what your special number is and why. List 3 mathematic facts about it, 3 or more reasons why you like it,
1 or more ways that it can be a mad number, and for extra credit, make a fact family with it. 

Ms. Taylor
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taylorland says :   6 May 2008   921685  
The lessons in my math class are soooo easy mostly. I just got my first complain
that this isn't easy. And that it is sooo hard. When it's not! Oh and extra credit
will be accepted in any terms. 
The # project isn't hard.


                My special number is probably 18 because when your 18; you have the
chance to go to college or not, you get to move out with your family if you want, you
get to do whatever you want because you are an adult but you still have to obey the
laws, and you can get your drivers license! There are millions of mathematic facts
about it. 
Such as: Over 20,000 people prefer to be 18 than the age they are now. 10,000 to
50,000 people at the age of 18 commit suicide or drop out school because of
math/science/communications/failing. 100,500 to 120,900 people decide to go to
college under the age of 18 and talk excelled math classes all throughout college!
Being the Ishango Bone from Africa, dating from 18,000 BC. 1 out of 8 people decide
to take excelled math classes when they're 18 or younger and 1 out of 18 people
decide to be teachers at top schools.

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