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Happy Adoption Agency

Ok listen. This is a happy adoption agency where everyone in a matter of time, finds parents/kids. 

Kids: Okay sweethearts, if you want a: Mom, dad, or both: It's very simple. Just letter me and tell me the following

Name: ________ Age: _______ Account Username:_________ Parent (s): Mom/Dad/Both ---- Addititonal Info__________

Then I'll make a picture of you from what you tell me and post it on here. But also tell your style. Liek Goth, emo,
preppy, cheerleading, sporty, blah blah. You know?

Parents: Ok. Now parents! If you'd like to adopt a child please mail me too. Don't post here unless you absolutely have
too. Pick a child from the available list. Or I'll try and find one personally for you.

Fill in this info: 

Your name__________ Age_________ Account Username ____________ Kids: Boy/Girl/Both boy and girl________ What you look
for in your kids_________ Age of kid you want___________

And I'll try and find an okay match. Easy enough?


Please don't clog up the post board. I'll try and get back as soon as possible. With the perfect match too. Please help
me spread the word. Oh and parents, please tell me about yourself so I can make animated pictures about you too.

1) Parents can ground their kids.
2) Parents can make rules for their kids.
3) If the parents are being mean, the child must tell me. I'll warn the parents. If it keeps up, they'll get a new
4) If the parents are extremely mean to every child that they are paired with, they will be banned from adopting here
again until they learn their lesson. 
5) Parents can also pick what kind of ethnicity they want their child to be. 
6) If you are having trouble with your child/parent: Tell me ASAP.



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  taylorland — Page created: 4 May 2008
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