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help me out here ppl

ok well i wanna make a manga but i cant chose one so i wrote down a few ideas i have...just pick the ones u like most
or want me to start first ill post the manga up here when im done^.^

1. Ok so there are 2 guys Ryuga and Haruka...they met over the summer and Haruka just moved...they end up going out but
wanna keep there relationship a secret so know one knows there Haruka prtends to be a girl and all the teachers
or adults beileve it but his other classmates have there suspicons that 'she' is a male and transvestite...technicly yea
he is but he doesnt want to show it...he does it all so Haruka and Ryuga can be together...or at school Ryuga and

2. Yea this is sorta how i thought my life would turn out if i kept living with my mom and dad got lung
So Ayama is living with her mom and now step-dad...her dies had died one year ago of lung cancer...when her mom met this
man((havent got a name yet)) he was very kind...but right after they got married he changed...he had gotten drunk every
night and turned Amaya's mother onto drugs...Amaya looked up his past records...he had so many crimanal records DUI,drug
possen,murder...he had murdered every one in her family after her fathers death so they r the only ones left...whenever
she tried to tell her mom she was either high,haveing sex with this man,or at work...and when her mother was at work
'the man' was rapeing her or makeing her pleasure him...she isnt allowed outside as far as the govermetn and the world
know Amaya,her mother,and'the man' were dead and killed along with the rest of the family.

3. uhhh crap i forgot...if u got a better idea let me know and ill throw it in here
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MeepingMeep says:   17 August 2008   643216  
1, it's more light hearted, somthing I can see you doing : ) LOL.... Poor Naomi....
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   17 August 2008   453824  
I like #2. You'd have an easy time writing that one. Plus, I'n not really a big fan
of yaoi, sorry 
gothgirl32 says:   18 August 2008   777539  
1 is better then two,but,no offence,i dont like either of them.THREE!!!!!
Hikati says:   19 August 2008   427327  
hmm. thats a tough decision. i love number 1 becuase of yaoi. but number
2.........lets just say that u could have some fun writing that one. i say BOTH!
‹taylorL1369› says :   8 September 2008   187593  
well i think ima going with 1

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