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21 F United States of America
speaks English and German, Standard and Russian
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 Don't take life too seriously. You're not going to make it out alive anyway :D
So I'm changing my about me becuase I'm trying to change myself for the better. My name is Katlyn (Maurice) Eason- I'm adopted. I am 14, as of Febuary 12, 2012. I'm not a nice person and I'll be the first to say it but I'm not mean to the point where no one likes me. I don't care about what people think of me, if you think I'm a bitch (even though I know I am) then all I have to say is "Congratulations for pointing out the obivious. Atleast we know you're not THAT stupid." My favorite band would have to be ICP, Twisted or Boondox. If you've ever heard of them then you have an idea of what kind of person I am (LOL :D) I'm trying to restrain from cussing but I'm not trying that hard :p I hide crap from my parents but they still some how find out stuff so I'm almost always grounded. I'm converted from Christianity to Agnostic (Christians aren't suppose to judge So don't tell me I'm going to a place I don't believe in [hell]) I'm single because Love is sad piece of shit that fucks with our heads and I'm going to believe that until I find my true love. My mom says my problem is that I'm not street smart (Her exact words were "You wouldn't make it a week on the street or else I would have already kicked you out.") but that's not true. I already know how to grow pot and sell drugs so I'd have a "job", I know how to live under a bridge -__- already done it mom! and I know how to write a resume so I could get an actual job. I've considered running away (My mom said "okay, just don't come back. Seriously don't bring your ass back. Ever." lol Love you too ma.)but I live out in the middle of no where so I wouldn't make it far alive. - And she says I'm stupid :p I'm not a touchy person unless it's possibly sex (Hardly ever!), but why have sex with someone who has a rept? You shouldn't. Which is why I'm not just going to have sex with guy. Don't matter if I really like him or not and this will be hard :/ but I know I'm going try. Anything else you want to know, just message me

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24 Mar 12
Ferris wheels and bumper cars are fun
But those rides just aren't for everyone
Bought my ticket...
24 Mar 12
"Let's meet contestant number one
He's a skitsofrantic, serial killer clown
Who says, "woman love...

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t3nbitches 21 Mar 12  
Hacker here bitches :p, well katlyn..i told you ima piss you off and you said i
never could. so heres the test hun [you even gotta warnin] i think you're bitch
but i love you anyway. i think you're a whore but id still fuck you. i know
you're damned to hell but i still tlk to you  consider yourself lucky to be in
MY presence :D but anyway the rest ima say to your damn face. i need to put a
bitch in her place anywayyy :p
t3nbitches 22 Mar 12  
aight you really wanna say that?
well i think you're ugly but i still flirt with you. i think you're cocky but i
still put up with you. i think you're a jesus freak but i still dont hit you in
the face when i tell you to shut up about it  consider yourself stupid for
being such an ass around me :D but anyway the rest ima say to your damn face. i
need to put an ass in his place anywayyy :p wht now mother fucker?
Jespar 9 Mar 12  
hey just wantled to know... when i say "fuck you" how come you always  say no
thanks? it hurts my feelings when you decline my invitation 
t3nbitches 9 Mar 12  
how come when i always say "fuck off" you never listen or get the point of why
i said it???????? figure tht out and then ill answer your damn question.
Jespar 9 Mar 12  
heyyyy bitch :p just wanted to say you're my first person to befriend
...maybe you could be my first to some other things... ; )))))))
t3nbitches 9 Mar 12  
HELL NO. if i will reject you in person then i sure as hell will reject you
t3nbitches 8 Mar 12  
hackin is my thing darlin  itss MALI fuckin KYSEN!! gotta love me hoe.
from your man *malikysen*
t3nbitches 8 Mar 12  
hoee? MALI-FUCKIN-KYSEN! ugh this aint fair, i aint never hacked you and you
hack EVERY account i have- even freakin facebook and damn youtube! ugh where do
you get my damn password and email from? okay so i use my computer password to
every login i have and you had to memorize tht..okay yeah i get how you get tht
but my email???? and usernames???wtf malikkysen....why must you hack me????? :D
t3nbitches 5 Mar 12  
YOU GOT HACKED KATLYN :p now ima tell everyone your secrets!!!!!
ok heres her secret......she has a AWESOME sis that loves herr!!!!!! :O shocker
right? NOPE BECAUSE I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU KATLYN. oh and btw when yu read
this i just wanted to tell you......Jespar likes you!!!! OMFG, ima be jealous
girl and beyond pissed if you dont go after him!! just sayin darlin :D
t3nbitches 5 Mar 12  
really shannon? you posted tht on my freakin profile and im NOT GOIN TO GO FOR
JESPAR. hes not...my type -_- i apologize for not liking rapist or
creepers/STALKERS. ima admit hes freakin cute but not cute enough to cover his
creepo personality. >o.o> now give me a fuckin cookie 
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