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Simon from American Idol

Do you watch american idol?If you do you know what I'm talking about when I say Simon is an idiot. He is soooooooooo
stupid basicly all the time. I'm watching a recording of american idol right now.If you don't watch it start NOW!!!!!It
comes on Jan-May at 7:00 p.m.(Seriously, stop it simon)

My fave is david cook.
Simons response:don't think it was good as he thought.   (3-18-0
(anyone who diagrees sucks and is stupid.)

p.s. simon sucks

p.p.s. really sucks 

p.p.s.s. like so much if I were to measure it, it would go farther than pluto like 999,999,999,999,999 miles farther
than pluto.( that's a lot farther away in case you didn't know).

p.p.p.s.s. but sometimes he can be cool(rarely).

p.p.p.s.s.s Keyword, rarely

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  superspiderman — Page created: 19 March 2008  |  Last modified: 1 June 2010
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‹***IMA^PACMAN^RAWR ***› says:   19 March 2008   979587  
i deffinentally agree with u on that 1!
superspiderman says:   19 March 2008   789357  
hhallh13 says:   19 March 2008   148196  
I say none of the judges should be judging. their idiots. all of them. and this
season is terrible
superspiderman says:   20 June 2008   391317  
I disagree
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   23 July 2008   519634  
simon is the one who made american idol anyway and though hes too cold he actually
tells the truth.
yoursforever says:   24 July 2008   489565  
hey in 2009 my cousin samantha stweart is going to audition. VOTE FOR HER!!!
tiggerlemon101 says:   9 August 2008   857349  
Psh!  Simon is the best part.  Quite frankly, he's right 98% of the time.  BUT HE
GAVE CARLY THE KISS OF DEATH!  He can go die for that!  But still, he's the best
judge, in my opinion!  (Aside from getting Carly kicked off... she was clearly the
‹goodfornothing› says:   13 May 2009   322238  
I enjoy Simon. I actually think he's intelligent.
superspiderman says:   7 September 2009   754288  
you last two are wrong, your as stupid as........ I don't even know how to say how
stupid you are.
branches says:   7 September 2009   733565  
I like Simon.
Every show needs a Britfag cynic to show the world isn't all sunshine and roses and
butterflies or whatever.
superspiderman says:   7 September 2009   894195  
you are stupid as well (even tough it's true, exept the part about liking Simon
‹~WildBerri~› says:   29 March 2010   487946  
I love Simon. Except for Ellen he is the best judge they have ever had which
includes the guest judges.
superspiderman says:   18 April 2010   998058  
yeah i now see simon is a little funny.
DisneyFan says:   2 June 2010   539984  
Simon cowell? Sorry i don't watch american idol. if it's that simon yeah he's srict
but i think he's the best judge
superspiderman wonders :   9 June 2010   745835  
if DisneyFan doesnt watch american idol, how does she know anything about simon?
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